Wild West DLC pack released

September 17th, 2013

Get your old west vibe on with a couple of outfits and two new guns. I am really digging the Man with No Name threads.

Free SRIV DLC today on Steam!

September 16th, 2013

Make sure to install your FREE copy of the GATV DLC today on Steam and get access to Johnny Gat’s outfit and sunglasses, Aisha’s outfit from SR1, and also a minigun that shoots combat knives. The offer ends on September 18.

Extended vertical aiming mod for SR4 released

September 15th, 2013

The mod simply extends the vertical range of the camera so that you can aim straight up and down.

SRTT mesh importer for 3ds Max

September 9th, 2013

Sir Kane has released a tool that allows the import SRTT meshes into 3ds Max. While there is no tool yet to export back into the game, this is still a huge step for Saints Row modding.

Hydraulics mod now working for KBAM!

September 8th, 2013

Keyboard and mouse users can now join with their gamepad wielding brothers and bounce like their checks did!

Hydraulics Customization mod for SRIV released!

September 7th, 2013

It still has some issues that need to be worked out, but if you own a 360 controller and don’t mind cleaning out your garage or starting a new save then check it out on our forum!

Additional Cheats for SRIV v5 released!

August 31st, 2013

The latest release adds an additional 50 modded cheats bringing the grand total to 160!

Give XP – experience
Give Spectre – givespectre
Give Kaneda Ronin variant – givekanedaronin
Give Estrada Cyber variant – giveestradacyber
Give Mongoose – givemongoose
Give Mockingbird – givemockingbird
Give Halberd – givehalberd
Give Emu – giveemu
Give Peacemaker Saints variant – givepeacemakersaints
Give Temptress – givetemptress
Give Blade – giveblade
Give Stiletto SOS variant – givestilettosos
Give Sovereign – givesovereign
Give Hammerhead – givehammerhead
Give Bootlegger – givebootlegger
Give Phoenix Stunts variant – givephoenixstunts
Give Wireframe Peacemaker – givewireframepeacemaker
Give Raycaster – giveraycaster
Give Torch – givetorch
Give Justice Cyrpian variant – givejusticecyprian
Give Eiswolf Saintsretro variant – giveeiswolfsaintsretro
Give Eiswolf Saints variant – giveeiswolfsaints
Give Infuego Luchadore variant – giveinfuegoluchadore
Give Hammer Saints variant – givehammersaints
Give Hammer viceking variant – givehammerviceking
Give Pacemaker police variant – givepacemakerpolice
Give Churchill SOS variant – givechurchillsos
Give Cyber Gunslinger – givecybergunslinger
Give Ambulance – giveambulance
Give Bear SWAT variant – givebearswat
Give Bear NG variant – givebearng
Give Bear Decker variant – givebeardecker
Give Toad – givetoad
Give Knoxville security variant – giveknoxvillesecurity
Give Gatmobile – givegatmobile
Give Donovan Airport variant – givedonovanairport
Give Atlantica – giveatlantica
Give Pulse – givepulse
Give Taxi – givetaxi
Give Bulldog military variant – givebulldogmilitary
Give Bulldog Luchadore variant – givebulldogluchadore
Give Titan – givetitan
Give Betsy PA (Propaganda) variant – givebetsypa
Give Betsy classic variant – givebetsyclassic
Give Flatbad Key variant – giveflatbedkey
Give Steelport Municipal – givemunicipal
Give Varsity – givevarsity
Give Peterliner – givepeterliner
Give Compensator Luchadore variant – givecompensatorluchadore
Give Criminal Luchadore variant – givecriminalluchadore

Working hydraulics!

August 31st, 2013

I was able to get hydraulics customization working on cars! Info and pics in the work in progress thread on our forum! It’s like a long lost old friend from SR2 returns!

Saints Row IV patch released!

August 30th, 2013

Looks like most of the weapon bugs have been fixed with the patch today, and all saves seem to be okay. There are still a few minor bugs that have been reported and confirmed though.

* The Penetrator customization and upgrades no longer work. The menus are just blank.

* The Rectifier can no longer be customized

* There are duplicate dubstep guns now in weapon cache. The new duplicate seems to be from the mission that you use it, and is not customizable. The original one is still customizable and works correctly.

Minimaul was able to fix the penetrator and rectifier customization issues and you can download a temporary fix here.

Sandbox+ for SRTT is PC Gamer’s mod of the week!

August 25th, 2013

How cool is that?