Wood Bat

Encogen whipped up a nice wooden bat weapon icon and I integrated it into the tilesheet and setup the new xy entry for it. Turned out pretty nice for a quickie job!

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  1. IdolNinja says:

    I put up a test build with this new icon and also the SR3 logo for encogen if anyone else wants to check it out:

    All the changes are client side so it should be totally compatible in coop with beta 14 users.

  2. Zach Robinson says:

    I was wondering how come their was never an npc morph for Johnny Gat in his suit

    • IdolNinja says:

      Well, npc morphs work a lot like how npc spawns do. Each npc has multiple variants defined, each with a “weight” value assigned which is just the chance it will actually spawn that way. You can see all this stuff if you look at their xtbl file (which can’t actually be edited but you can see how it was originally compiled into the npc cvtf file.) The engine just picks one of the variants based on weight.

      So, for example:
      The “suit” variant has a weight of 0 so it will never randomly spawn
      The “street” variant has a weight of 99.010 so will spawn almost all of the time
      The “blood” variant has a weight of 0.990 so it will almost never spawn

      This xtbl file for Gat was compiled by volition into a binary cvtf file (npc_gat.cvtf) which you can find packed in meshes.vpp_pc. This binary cvtf file is what the engine actually uses. So, to change that you would have to hex edit the cvtf file and try to figure out which part of it is the “weight” number. I haven’t looked at it personally, but it may be a simple thing to just change the weights for the variants to make the suit variant 100 weight instead of 0 and all the others 0.

      This wouldn’t affect the missions either since in the lua for the missions it specifically spawns Gat with whatever variant is needed for that mission.

      Hope that makes sense!

      • Zach Robinson says:

        I was mainly concerned because their was regular Gat and their was bandaged Gat i get it, it does make sense

        • IdolNinja says:

          Since Gat never randomly spawns anyway outside of missions, it would probably be cool to change the weight to 50 for both the suit and street variant. So, half the time he spawns with a suit, and the other half of the time in his regular clothes. This would affect both npc morphs and homie driveup.

          I’m not sure what the blood variant is. It might be the variant used for the Ronin bleeding out mission where he’s driven to the hospital in the back of the car.

  3. Zach Robinson says:

    I was wondering where would i find what i need to do that

    • IdolNinja says:

      You’ll need a hex editor to try and edit the npc_gat.cvtf file, and hope that the weight part of it is in plain text, otherwise it will be a lot of guesswork. I personally use xvi32 as my hex editor. It’s freeware and you should be able to just google the site. The trick will be to open up npc_gat.xtbl in notepad and then compare it to npc_gat.cvtf opened next to it in the hex editor and see if you can start making correlations between the two.

  4. Tumig says:

    I have german cut version, i use a uncutpatch from dede1.mine.nu (great site). It works for my version!!!!!

  5. Luke says:

    so, are you still working on that total zombie conversion mod that you were talking about a while ago, or is that dead?

  6. Zach Robinson says:

    I haven’t been able to do anything with finding the cvtf file to open up messes.vpp_pc what i need to know is whether to locate it or create one the rest I can do But can’t seem to do anthing with the beginning part what is it that I need?

  7. Zach Robinson says:

    I’m sorry i meant meshes.vpp_pc

  8. Lhapka says:

    IdolNinja why are you mod files are rar?Rar file won’t work in my computer