Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 BETA 14

Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 BETA 14 is out and ready for download. In addition to the fixes I mentioned yesterday, I’ve also added the following:

Optional nude mod by IdolNinja
Removes the pixelation censor bars for all you deviant sickos. Now please shut up about it and stop emailing me asking to see videogame boobs. :P

Optional Chunk Mod by IdolNinja
Swaps in the Heritage Festival from rn11 “One Man’s Junk,” the Prison Riot from ss02 “File in the Cake,” and Brotherhood Cargo ship from bh09 “The Enemy of my Enemy”

Pimpcane shell fix by Zerosaiko
Fixes the Pimpcane so it no longer ejects shells when firing, and only does so on reload (where it dumps the used shells onto the floor.)

This should take care of all the issues that were reported while I was out of the loop, and also add some new stuff to play with. I’m considering this a warm up for the final step of finishing the Send in the Clones mission and doing final testing.

13 Responses to “Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 BETA 14”

  1. Zerosaiko says:

    Thanks for new beta! :)

  2. Zerosaiko says:

    Sorry, but bug with Pimpcane shells was not fixed in open version :( . Thanks.

  3. Zerosaiko says:

    Aww, sorry again, it was not fixed in weapon mods.

  4. Zerosaiko says:

    Thanks a lot :)

    • Zerosaiko says:

      I can ask you about one improvement? Make, please, a language choice in a Patch Builder because, in my opinion, the Russian version isn’t so well translated. Thanks once again.

      • IdolNinja says:

        Oh, it’s already easy to choose any language. Check out the included file “SR2 and GotR command line parameters and multilanguage support.txt”. You can change it back to English with forcelang_en.

  5. tyf-e (tylerfeld) says:

    yo my controls are all messed up again now ive updated so i wondered if anyone could tell me what ps3 button goes with what

    interact = triangle
    weapons menu = circle

    • IdolNinja says:

      Sorry, but I use a 360 controller so have no idea about PS3 or PS2 controllers. Maybe another user who visits the site could give you a hand.

      • tyf-e (tylerfeld) says:

        yeah thats why i posted it on here instead of on your twitter. easier for everyone to see and possible help me

  6. tyf-e (tylerfeld) says:

    cus thing is im using ps2 controller not an actual ps3 so there all real screwed up like the thumb stick axis are switched and such