Back in Action

I spent some time tonight fixing a bunch of bugs in GotR that were reported while I was out of commission with my broken ankle. It felt good to be back in action.  Here’s a list of what I knocked out tonight:

Fixed an issue where certain archival software would not recognize empty folders and extract the mod incorrectly.

Added details on all optional mods and their compatibility to the Readme.

Removed the Crowd Control suit for sale from Impressions since it’s an unlock (it still is for sale in the OPEN version)

Removed the restrictions on short chain flat 2 so it can now be worn with a coat

Fixed UFO interaction so that the player once again beams up into it (it was broken back in beta 11)

Fixed Villain Homie Pack issue where Julius would never show up when called.

Septic truck moved to Volition Gift Shop and price raised to $500,000 since it’s an unlock

Slightly increased the explosion radius for the grenade and the molotov

2 Responses to “Back in Action”

  1. Zerosaiko says:

    Hi, I want to share bug fixes for GotR 1.9 beta 13:
    The file weapons.xtbl on line 6507 should be added ” brass during reload only “, because Pimp Cane throws shells as if to shoot, and in reloading. Thanks.

    P. S. Sorry for bad English, Google Translate.