GotR Beta 13 Progress

I fixed, updated, and added quite a few things to GotR these past couple of days.

There are new optional mods, including police animations for the player, female weapon walk animations for the player, super girly animations for the player, and an option to revert the Gyro Daddy back to the original handling.

I added some new gang vehicle customization options for the O-Ring, El Train, Status Quo, The Job, Cruiser (Five-o,) Grizzly (Bear,) FBI SUV, and Quota. I was particularly amused by my gang driving El Trains around the city. :D

I also fixed an issue with the stripper and food gang types where some of the members were invisible, and also corrected some of the police animations from the wip build from yesterday so that fine aim works correctly with the AS14 and SPAS12.

I’ll likely be releasing beta 13 this weekend with all of these changes plus the other stuff I mentioned previously like the new optional weapon mods and misc homie pack. I got a bit sidetracked with the new optional mod stuff, but am now gearing up to tackle finishing the Send in the Clones mission and try to get a final release out.

One Response to “GotR Beta 13 Progress”

  1. masayumemasa says:

    female weapon walk animations for the player
    super girly animations for the player
    I can’t wait for them!!!