Ronin Airport Mission fix for Beta 12

If anyone is having problems with a black screen after the mid-cutscene in Ronin Mission 5 Orange Threat Level (The airport one,)  I uploaded a fixed script that should take care of the problem. Simply extract the rn05.lua file to your optional_mod_stuff\modified\ folder and replace the one that’s there. Then rebuild your patch and try again.

I’ve gotten a couple of confirmations that it’s worked, but it would be great to get more feedback. Thanks!

5 Responses to “Ronin Airport Mission fix for Beta 12”

  1. rudemaker says:

    I just noticed something important that I have been ignoring since I first got the game. The high heels tend to wobble in a very ugly way. The worst case is with the Women’s Formal Heels. Is there any sort of fix?

  2. rudemaker says:

    Really? I would think that it would be some sort of messed up animation.

  3. rudemaker says:

    I’m having a problem. Minimaul’s tools keeps crashing. I keep trying to opening the cts mapper or the convert pegs file however, it either crashes or just blinks and shuts off. What should I do?

    • IdolNinja says:

      You are dragging peg file onto the exe, and have both the .peg_pc and the companion g_peg_pc file in the folder with it, right? You can’t just double click the exe.

      I’ve never used the cts mapper, so I have no idea.