Modding Weekend Wrapup

Knocked out a ton of SR2 modding work today, and put a huge dent in my TO DO list. Expect a new beta sometime early this week!

* Setup the video camera for sale at end game. The scope is now fixed so you can zoom, all the cameraman animations were added in so you run with it on your shoulder, and encogen did a sweet hud icon for it too!

* Setup the Geiger Counter for sale at end game. All the animations have been fixed so you can use it anywhere. It doesn’t really do anything, but it’s kind of neat to have.

* New Objection logo

* Fixed Shogo’s outfit so that the jacket no longer changes to weird colors after selecting. This fix also made it possible to reintegrate RedRage’s mod that allows you to color the shoulders of all the Ronin Jackets when you buy them.

* Created an Outfit called Luke’s Fighter for my buddy Luke who contributed the awesome Zombie Uprising in the Mall mod to GotR. The outfit is his creation. I just looked up all the meshes and put it together for him.

* Added a new secret loading screen.

* Fixed eyelashes losing colors on save load. They now keep their color permanently. The fix was moving them to the Eyewear slot which also means they now have a much larger clothing color palette to choose from.

Luke also made a vid of the Nukamingo 9001 in action at the mall. Unfortunately it loses a bit of impact indoors since you can’t see the amazing effect of an entire city block of vehicles blowing up with a huge mushroom cloud, but may as well save a few surprises to try out!

8 Responses to “Modding Weekend Wrapup”

  1. Z3R0 says:

    the geiger counter should be a melee weapon with funny animations! (like the pimp slap) :)

    • IdolNinja says:

      That would be pretty funny. I have a feeling that it may do weird stuff to the brotherhood mission it was used in though.

  2. rudemaker says:

    I think i love all of these mods. But really though I have got to ask, what was wrong with Shogo’s outfit that made it glitch like that?

    • IdolNinja says:

      The men’s biker jacket was missing the default color grid. The outfit was trying to color the jacket in 3 different colors and got extremely confused when the item itself seemed not to support it.

  3. rudemaker says:

    Then make two, right?

    • IdolNinja says:

      It doesn’t make sense to use up a weapon slot for something like that. The reason these were easily added is that they already had entries in weapons.xtbl. I just activated them for sale at Friendly Fire (after fixing all the animations.)

      • IdolNinja says:

        What could possibly go wrong? You should know better than to ask that with this game! lol. ;) Even seemingly innocent changes often have far ranging effects and screw things up you weren’t expecting. The Gieger counter is also already kind of weird and sometimes will not work/equip and get bugged in this mission in vanilla.

        I am generally very hesitant about modifying any core weapons of the game, especially something that is mission specific and designed to work with a script. If someone has a really good idea for it then I may consider it, but just adding a pimp slap to it doesn’t seem worth the risk and all the testing that would be needed. If you’ve got an idea then let’s hear it!

        So, to answer your question “What could possibly go wrong,” the answer is EVERYTHING. ;)

  4. rudemaker says:

    Oh. Well what could possibly go wrong with the brotherhood mission?