Gentlemen of the Row Status

I’ve been working with an intermediary for the last couple of weeks attempting to work out an agreement concerning Gentlemen of the Row. I just received confirmation that everyone has accepted the terms and we can all finally move forward with our own Saints Row 2 modding projects.

Gentlemen of the Row was something that I originally created long before ever coming to the Volition community, and it will remain mine to be released here on I’ve granted my permission to the community to use any of my technical mods in their own compilation, as long as none of my creative work is used like logos, custom missions, custom unlock screens, etc. All of my creative work will remain exclusive to Gentlemen of the Row.

I’ll be spending these next few weeks cleaning up the mod, and finishing the new custom missions. Gentlemen of the Row v1.9 will be released here publicly once it is tested and ready.

One last thing… Thanks everyone for all the supportive emails. I was pretty blown away by the deluge of support from everyone who loves the mod. You guys are the real reason I’m continuing to develop and release GotR. :)

16 Responses to “Gentlemen of the Row Status”

  1. Degree says:

    Heh, You could never really doubt that you had no support. This mod is obviously a huge labour of love and I bet there are thousands upon thousands of people use and love it. Myself included.

  2. SoRcHeReR says:

    Havent tryed it yet , but the mod looks amazing.
    Keep up the good work !

  3. masayumemasa says:

    Hi.Idolninja.I’m masayumemasa.
    It’s been a long time.
    I got Saints Row2 of PC version the other day.
    After that,Your GOR thread of the official site was closed.
    I was surprised very much.I feel for you.
    I’m always on your side.I think your mod must be a masterpiece.
    If you agree,I will make new video about “Gentlemen of the Row for a female character”soon.
    And I’m looking forward to playing V1.9.
    Keep it up plz!!!

  4. Max says:

    Maybe have a cheat which replaces all civilians with zombies that would be soo much fun

  5. Ross G says:

    Im looking forward to the next edition honestly GOTR pretty much the main reason i decided to play saints row 2 on the computer I have alot of respect for you doing that.looking forward to checking the custom missions keep it up you are appreciated.

  6. Carnage says:

    Idolninja, i signed up to the sr2 community just to come and thank you for all your work but i see you have left. Anyway i truely appreciate your effort and work in making this game awesome and hours of extended fun.


  7. MathewO says:

    Looking forward to it very much mate

  8. Sweets says:

    hey Idolninja, I love your work on GOTR! I tried to be a member of that forum site u used to be a member of.. but I never became a member for some reason… :S but the reason I tried to be a member was to try to contact u and ask u if u were able to fix some cloths? like for example a V-neck shirt and sweter, maybe a cardigan? and a popped up colar flashercoat so it looks more “mafia” with the fedora (or how its spelled) on… it would be so awesome :)

    and btw.. You are the reason I still play SR2 :) its so much fun and Id LOVE to have GOTR 1.9 :) I look forward to it ;)
    and ofc, IF u dont have time or anything for my request it’s not a big deal :) I just think it would be cool and give u a few ideas ;) anyways, good luck on 1.9 and I really hope it will be released soon^^ GOOD WORK! thnx :)

    • IdolNinja says:

      Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the mod. I really love the idea of the popped collar on the trenchcoat. Unfortunately, we don’t have the tools yet to edit meshes, so we’re stuck with just doing texture work right now. If/when that happens, I’ll certainly see what I can do!

  9. Ross G says:

    Any idea on when we can expect the next edition of GOTR? and is it possible to get bandanas wrapped around your mouth like in the dlcs is that possible to mod, any response is really appreciated. Keep up the work you are appreciated.

    • IdolNinja says:

      @Ross G
      It’s almost ready. I have a few minor tweaks to make regarding the new missions, and then I’m going to do a complete run through of the game to test. If everything goes well, then it will be released after that. It’s hard to nail down a time, but I think 2-4 weeks would be a safe bet if everything goes well. If there are problems that come up in test then it might be a bit longer.

      Regarding the bandanas, it’s not possible yet with the tools that we have. I do believe it will be possible in the future though. :)

  10. Sweets says:

    thnx! good you liked my idea, and I really hope u get the tools for it :-) it would be awesome ^^ but how will I get the GotR 1.9 when its done? will it be here on this site? the new changes look awesome! can’t wait to try it out^^

  11. gino says:

    can you make a mod from real logos Nike and adidas or something ?