The Facts

I said goodbye today to The Row; the Volition SR2 modding forums. I was a member there for a year, and worked as hard as I could to make the community better and a welcoming place for both modders and players.

The reason I’m leaving is that I was being attacked and insulted on the forums and PM by certain users, and the moderator there refused to help me, and even gave me a warning. This was totally unacceptable, and a slap in the face. I’m not going to continue to be part of a community where I get abused.

So, what does this mean for the Gentlemen of the Row mod? At first I considered removing it completely and making it a private release from here on. On the urging of a couple of the other modders, I’ve decided to continue to host the mod here on my site. I am also planning to finish my work on v1.9  and release it publicly, but all further testing is now private and the beta test group is disbanded. I have also permanently closed the Modders of the Row Steam group. All further work will remain private until release, though I will be keeping my site updated with news and progress.

To the couple of former friends who attacked and insulted me via PM and Steam without knowing the full story, you’ve shown your true colors. Maybe you should have tried to talk to me about what was going on behind the scenes for the last couple of weeks while I tried to get people to stop harassing me instead of being complete douchebag assholes.

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  2. Koen says:

    Dear Idol,

    I really don’t know you better than a very nice person.
    For me this feels like a part of my live just died.
    You was a hero for me. I told everything on my school about you.
    All the things you did. You was a example for me.

    I thank you for all the things you have learned me.
    I hope, that ones you come back.


  3. Daniel Poncelet says:

    I know how it feels and it’s devastating.

  4. Koen says:

    Yes it really is.

  5. Tidosho says:

    “To the couple of former friends who attacked and insulted me via PM and Steam without knowing the full story, you’ve shown your true colors. Maybe you should have tried to talk to me about what was going on behind the scenes for the last couple of weeks while I tried to get people to stop harassing me instead of being complete douchebag assholes.”

    Does this include me? I didn’t want to get involved. It seems it is YOU who has shown your true colours as an insecure guy who flies off at the slightest thing, and then removes posts so no-one can see your attitude. Seeing as you’ve removed me off Steam, it seems like this is goodbye. Thanks for everything. Truly, you were a great modder, but you got too full of yourself, as though we have to answer to you, which we don’t. You’ve now ruined the community, I hope you’re happy with yourself.

  6. Koen says:


    He also removed me from steam!
    But he is still a hero for me!

    And if he was to full of hisself, why should he help us than?
    He helped me understanding things, I first didn’t.

    Idol was and still is for me a great person. (and my hero)


  7. Tidosho says:


    I think this is where he got bigheaded, because people were calling him a hero, and God. There are a lot more talented programmers out there than him, his friend Rafael for one. Lately, he has got very sensitive, and the first tiny bit of criticism, he accused of being an insult.

    Top guy, really caring and friendly, but too big for his boots. I’m not going to let the community suffer because he’s walked. I now am personally going to attempt to hold us together, because this is the second time Ninja has walked and pulled his server, and it’s extremely cowardly. If he can’t see his errors, I don’t think he should come back, it’ll just cause more heartache.

    • IdolNinja says:

      You have no idea what was happening behind the scenes, and you attack and insult me on Steam, just like you’re attacking me in these comments. A true friend would find out what’s going on first before throwing his friends to the lions. You are absolutely pathetic and are looking to demonize me to try to rise to some kind of bullshit status at The Row. Your motivations are pretty transparent.

      Also, I didn’t pull anything off the server. The beta is private. The current public release is still there. Also, I never pulled any comments ever, anywhere. The only thing I removed was top post in the Gentlemen of the Row sticky. I only did this after V-Singular refused to help me or remove the thread. Stop making things up that you have no idea about for your hidden agendas.

  8. Koen says:

    I’ve got nothing to say anymore
    I am shocked

  9. Shroud says:

    Yeah, you say the others showed their true colors on STEAM, yet not only did you remove me from your friends on STEAM, you also kicked me from the GotR group without reason. I, personally, had absolutely nothing to do with this incident and YOU attacked me first. From the forums, it sounds like you attacked many people that did not deserve it.

    You say you wanted to bind the community together, yet you kicked me from the community group. Removing someone as a friend without saying anything is a bit rude, but removing them from a community group without any reason other than a childish hissy fit is another. A childish hissy fit that I had nothing to do with.

    Keep your work and modding to yourself. I don’t care what you add to the game if you have this poor attitude.

    You seemed like such a good guy when we first chatted. It is a damn shame.

    • IdolNinja says:

      The group was closed down and everyone was removed. Nice to see you jumping on the bandwagon to crucify me as well about something you weren’t even a part of.

  10. Tidosho says:

    Ninja, you just can’t see it, at all. I was trying to talk to you and you were sulking “everyone’s after me, etc etc” I came on last night to try to find out all sides, and you shut me out, like you did everyone else. Now I’m going off what I can find.

    I’m not taking over, I’m not experienced enough. Nor am I insulting you. I was trying to make you realise you’re too insecure and sensitive. You’re the one that views CONSTRUCTIVE criticism as insults.

    Come on, please. Unblock me. We’ll talk, just the two of us.

  11. IdolNinja says:

    Sending me a nasty PM over Steam while I was in the middle of a game with my friends, then refusing to discuss it and saying that you’re going to bed because it’s late, is not about you “trying to find out all sides.” If you’re going to insult me and leave, then I’m sure as hell going to block you. Don’t act like you’re some peace making angel of moderation when you attack me first without even trying to understand what was going on behind the scenes between me and V-Singular.

  12. Eddy says:


    I’m kinda sad that this sort of thing happened. IdolNinja, my friend and I have thoroughly enjoyed this mod. It brought more excitement to an already great game and we were really looking forward to the 1.9 release. I’m not sure exactly what happened (a lot of sites are blocked here at work) but I hope things get resolved.

    Thanks for all you did and continue to do.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I’m still going to finish up v1.9 and release it. In fact, I’m probably going to continue to make new sr2 missions and other mods after it is released. Nothing has really changed for the players and users of the mod besides the fact that it is a closed beta now. I’m just going to be working on it privately without any involvement at The Row.

  13. Tidosho says:

    Jesus Christ!! It was 3 in the damn morning, I had the lil lady on my case!! See you’re taking it personally! I wanted to make sure you didn’t block me before I had chance to talk, which you did anyway :(

    It was OK for you to personally attack me regarding my SR2 and Volition flaming, though, wasn’t it?

    • IdolNinja says:

      That post about the Volition flaming was a mistake, and I immediately messaged you on Steam to talk about it and apologize and work it out (which we did.) I certainly didn’t insult you then take off and say “talk to you tomorrow!” I don’t think that’s really a fair comparison.

  14. Shroud says:

    “The group was closed down and everyone was removed. Nice to see you jumping on the bandwagon to crucify me as well about something you weren’t even a part of.”
    I wasn’t a part of this until you dragged me into it by removing me from your friends without a word on STEAM. Seriously, you obviously have a lot of people that do not only care about your work and mods, but people that care about you. I’m “crucifying” you because you let your friends down… The people that stuck by your side. I didn’t know you long, but was all this really necessary? I care or else I wouldn’t even be here. As all these guys wouldn’t even be here. Cmon man, make the mods private or whatnot, but don’t let a bad experience shut you out of the community and your friends.

    • IdolNinja says:

      When I started getting insulted, and even threatened, by people in the Modders of the Row group I shut it down and removed everyone from the group and my friends list that was a part of it. I’m sorry if you were caught in the crossfire, but the whole situation was completely out of control and I wasn’t going to sit there and take that kind of abuse from anyone.

  15. Shroud says:

    And apparently you’ve ignored me in STEAM. Wow. OK then. Every word between us since the incident has been said here. Whatever. I can’t talk to someone if they won’t give me a chance. I tried, you didn’t. Grow up.

  16. Eddy says:

    Thanks for your response regarding what I wrote. Whew! Here’s hoping things work out for you!

  17. Daniel Poncelet says:

    Peeps, just accept the fact that you did stuff wrong…

  18. Axel says:

    Well i don’t know what blooming happened Idol but for the record of everyone here i’m not against you, but you did go a little far even considering, i dont know what people were saying but the wisest thing to do to non-constructive criticism is to ignore it. You have my best regards with finishing the GOTR mod and whatever’s after that, but do consider also what you did to everyone who didn’t even know what was going on.

  19. Darkmolerman says:


    Thank you for continuing your work n this fantastic mod, this is probably among my favorite mods made for a game. I am sure the Allegations are baseless and I continue waiting for the new release

  20. OrangePulp says:

    Hey, thanks for all the work on the mod. I was looking to get back into this game with the tool you released (moved to windows 7 since I last played it), but I can’t seem to get the timing quite right. I saw you had a stopwatch mod/program/something in the steam thread to get the timing right, but the link you had for it is broken. Any chance of getting a mirror on that?

  21. I’ve never really known you, except as the person who fixed my gaming with Saints Row 2 (Damn volition for stating that they will NOT support Windows 7) and personally I am saddened by this turn of events.
    I hope that you continue on your path with GotR as it is a epic piece of work that has saved many a Win7 User serious headaches. I just wish there was a place where I could get the latest release (cause the rapid fire taser is just annoying when you piss off a cop :D )

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk over all them people who try to put you down.

  22. Kvamme says:

    It’s a shame you’ll be discontinuing public work on this fantastic mod but I can totally understand where you’re coming from. The anonymity of the internet makes people act horribly towards others. Still, you did a great job with Gentlemen of the Row and have made the game far greater than the creators were able to. Thanks for all the work you’ve previously done and I hope you move on to great (modding) things!

  23. Officer Cain says:

    im sorry some morons attacked you, you seem like a fun person to know and are a tallented modder. you will be missed