The Ups and Downs of SR2 Cribs

The good news is that I was able to successfully integrate RedRage’s basic Aisha crib mod into Gentlemen of the Row. In addition, I was also able to finally tie working teleports to crib ownership. This means that we finally have a way to restrict a teleport  until certain requirements are met so they won’t break missions.

The bad news is that the actual crib unlock itself didn’t work. I think that the Redlight crib may have been a special instance where the lua for tss02, (the Appointed Defender mission,) processed a transparent function called crib_purchasing_unlock(). This function might be  acting in conjuction with unlockables.xtbl to award the Redlight crib after that mission.

In short, this may be a major problem in how I was planning on making the crib unlocks work. Hopefully, I can come up with an alternate solution to make it happen.

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