Relocation, Modding, and Employment

In case anyone hasn’t seen Twitter yet, I have accepted a full time position with Deep Silver Volition and relocated to Champaign, IL. As part of the move, I’ll be stepping down as an administrator of, but will still be posting, and offering technical help there as an official Volition employee. Minimaul, Corrodias, and Arglaar will still be maintaining the forum and available if you need any kind of assistance with your account or any other moderator related tasks.

I’m going to be extremely busy with my new job duties over the coming months, but still plan on modding and releasing stuff in my spare time. As a gift to the community, I’m opening all my mod releases for public use. Feel free to use anything I’ve done (Sandbox+, Gentlemen of Steelport/Row, etc) as a base to work from in creating your own new releases. No permission or credit is necessary.

Regarding the upcoming SDK and tool releases, I’m also going to be closely involved in getting these finalized and pushed out to the community. I know that everyone has been extremely patient while we have been working behind the scenes to make it happen, and hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer!

2 Responses to “Relocation, Modding, and Employment”

  1. joe england says:

    Congratulations on your new job.

  2. Elrola says:

    seems we have our own man in volition now :)

    best of luck to you

    and don’t worry. making games is even better than making mods :)