Gentlemen of the Row Christmas update!

Merry Christmas!


Here’s a little present for all my fellow Saints Row 2 fans who still continue to play the best open world sandbox crime game of all time. Gentlemen of the Row 1.9.2 is primarily a bugfix update and includes the following:


Fixed all extra GotR gang vehicles so that homies will drive a correct looking purple/gold variant around Stilwater. This includes the limos, apc, atv, knoxville, compensator, police cars, fbi suv, el train, o-ring, peewee, kenshin, tetsuo, melbourne, widowmaker, mongoose, and atlasbreaker.

Fixed the optional gang customization types that had issues (streaker, pirate, construction, cowboy, medical, airline) so no weird variants spawn in.

Songbearer’s Sandstorm Stunting mod

This is an old SR2 mod that Songbearer was working on with my assistance that we never finished. It was forgotten about when SRTT hit, and we both started playing that game exclusively. The mod basically changes the Sandstorm’s pitch and yaw’s torque and acceleration in order to make rolls and flips much easier to do while in mid-air.

Fixed the pricing for the SKR-9 in the open pricing optional mod so it’s correctly priced at $1

Fixed the crib pricing text in the open pricing optional mod so the new cribs correctly display $1

Fixed the Construction optional gang type not toggling on and off correctly with the batch installer

Added a note to known issues that installing the optional zombie gang type breaks Zombie Uprising. i.e. you can no longer damage zombies if installed


Super secret note from IdolNinja that nobody will read after the boring changelog (GotR v2.0 is actually in progress and already has some big changes in store.)

3 Responses to “Gentlemen of the Row Christmas update!”

  1. K-Bone says:

    Best Christmas Gift Ever,and Merry Christmas.

  2. TonyTitan says:

    I actually read the small print and cannot wait for ver. 2 :-)

    Thanks for continually working on this mod.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Black Heart Noire says:

    I am certainly looking forward to what sort of crazy madness you have in store for us in V2.
    How I’d love a tease or something.