So, I’ll bet your asking yourself: “IdolNinja, what pray tell is a slot?” Let me explain. A slot is a part of your character you can equip something to. Think of your character like a Mr. Potato Head. You equip a belt in the belt slot. You put shoes on the shoe slot. You stick eyeballs in the eyes slot. etc. There are quite a few strange and weird slots too that don’t even seem to get used by the game like an “armpit hair” slot, or a “forehead” slot. The bottom line is that every single clothing/accessory in the game has to have a slot defined as part of its definition.

Up until today, there has been a mystery involving 3 NPC only slots called “back pants pocket”, “pants chain”, and “loose belt.” Most of the new clothing items you have seen in the mod were originally in these slots for npcs to use. These particular slots had no memory allocation, and if you tried to use them then it would crash the game. Our work around for this problem was to put these items in other normal usable slots.  That’s why you would see tons and tons of items in the bra category. The bra slot was our go-to slot to use so they would actually work in-game.

Using what I learned with the eyeball and fingernail custom colors, I was able to actually make these npc slots usable now for the player. All 3 of these slots can now support items and all the accessories and oddball items have been moved into these 3 slots to use. For example, at the stores, the bluetooth headset is now bought under a menu called “MISC”, from a submenu called “MISC 3″ (which is the name I gave the “loose belt” slot.) In the wardrobe all your items will automatically be sorted into this new menu since clothing all happens dynamically via the lua scripting in-game.

The benefit of all this is that you can now equip multiple accesories in-game. For example, an Ultor Security Badge + wallet chain + surgical mask + bra can all be worn now at the same time instead of having to pick just one. These npc slots have driven all of us modders crazy for the longest time, and I personally thought I would never see them actually usable in-game this way. Not to mention being able to build the custom MISC menus to sort them just blows my mind. :D

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