SRTT mesh importer for 3ds Max

Sir Kane has released a tool that allows the import SRTT meshes into 3ds Max. While there is no tool yet to export back into the game, this is still a huge step for Saints Row modding.

11 Responses to “SRTT mesh importer for 3ds Max”

  1. Rita says:

    On more important news… Patch WHEN?

    Game’s been out for like 20 days and still no patch to fix all the stuff people reported at the release like female animations bugging in certain missions and audiolog play each time you load a save…

    • IdolNinja says:

      Volition have had a couple of major patch/release issues that they need to address internally. Having them take their time to make sure that the new patch is working correctly on release is far more important to me than any kind of time frame.

      • Rita says:

        So releasing more DLCs is more important than fixing the game. Got it.

        • Elvis Saintley says:

          Now now, Volition are good people!


          • Rita says:

            They are. I just think they forgot how to properly do things anymore. Like most devs, so it’s not really that awful compared to what other do. It’s just that they should get the memo that there are other ways of doing things besides desperately coming out with silly DLCs that add nothing for people to blindly spend money in, when there’s a bunch of glaring issues the game has had since release.

          • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

            This is why I only recommend this game for the ps3 and pc(patched).

            So far the ps3 version has very few game breaking bugs and just a few audio errors (at least with my experience with the game).

            The pc version has been patched so that means the game must be running better than it was on launch day.

            Luckily I have not run into anything game breaking (Thank God). All I have run into is some minor lag and a few weird audio errors (like Keith David’s audio log paying every time I load my save).

            As for DLC’s I would like to see some actual awesome clothing packs as the clothing in the game seems rather limited but that’s only a very small gripe on an otherwise great game.

            But this is just MY OPINION, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me as I am just sharing my experience with the game after beating it.
            :-) (I put the smile face in just for good measure LOL).

  2. Elvis Saintley says:

    Rita…. apparently you don’t go on the forums much.

    There’s a fix for the audiolog bug there, at least.

  3. Nordlys says:

    Can you export even the Boss you created?