Additional Cheats v4 released!

The latest v4 adds 50 additional cheats, including ones for each weapon, weather, and more vehicles. There are even cheats for the Iron Saint suit weapon, and the warden hadouken. This release brings the total number of modded cheats to 118!

Clear Skies – clearskiesweather
Warden Weather – wardenweather
Give Destructor m21 variant – givedestructorm21
Give N-Forcer – givenforcer
Give N-Forcer NG variant – givenforcerng
Give N-Forcer – STAG variant – givenforcerstag
Give N-Forcer Saints – givenforcersaints
Give Salem – givesalem
Give Genki Manapult – givemanapult
Give Genkimobile – givegenkimobile
Give Sexy Kitten Vortex – givesexykitten
Give Angry Tiger Kaneda – giveangrytiger
Give Sad Panda Rover – givesadpanda
Give Rattler – giverattler
Give Rattler viceking variant – giverattlerviceking
Give Rattler Chopshop chrome – giverattlerchrome
Give Challenger – givechallenger
Give X2-Phantom – givex2phantom
Give X2-Phantom glitch variant – givex2phantomglitch
Give Wireframe Phantom – givewireframephantom
Give Baseball Bat – givebaseball
Give Penetrator – givepenetrator
Give Stunner – givestunner
Give Tentacle Bat – givetentacle
Give Energy Sword – giveenergysword
Give Heavy Pistol – giveheavypistol
Give Quickshot Pistol – givequickshotpistol
Give Alien Pistol – givealienpistol
Give Heavy SMG – giveheavysmg
Give Rapid-Fire SMG – giverapidfiresmg
Give Alien SMG – givealiensmg
Give Pump-action Shotgun – givepumpactionshotgun
Give Semi-automatic Shotgun – givesemiautoshotgun
Give Thumpgun – givethumpgun
Give Automatic Rifle – giveautomaticrifle
Give Burst Rifle – giveburstrifle
Give Alien Rifle – givealienrifle
Give Disintegrator – givedisintegrator
Give RPG – giverpg
Give Alien RPG – givealienrpg
Give Abduction – giveabduction
Give Blackhole Launcher – giveblackhole
Give Sniper Rifle – givesniper
Give Inflato Ray – giveinflato
Give Minethrower Arm – giveminethrower
Give Lasergun Arm – givelasergunarm
Give Bounce Rifle – givebounce
Give Loud Locust – giveloudlocust
Give Warden Hadouken – givewardenhadouken
Give Iron Saint – giveironsaint

14 Responses to “Additional Cheats v4 released!”

  1. M says:

    I love you bro, thanks.

    Would the boats actually work if we could spawn ‘em? With the water physics being… well… absent.

  2. static13 says:

    Would a “stop timer” cheat be possible? There’s a point in the game where you only have two mission choices and both are timed.

    I still haven’t finished M.O.M. hard, Cid mission. I can get the score for bronze, but trouble finishing before time runs out. The other is the main mission with the timed motorcycle race, which glitched out on me several times. I fear this might happen later in the game.

  3. K-Bone says:

    JEEZUS!Do you even sleep Idol?

  4. Doomseas says:

    In the next update,can you add cheats that spawn the Sons of Samedi variants seen in Shaundi’s loyalty mission?

  5. BlueLakeEDM says:

    If I add this mod, and enable one of the cheats, will this disable my ability to get steam achiviments?

    • BlueLakeEDM says:

      nevermind I figured it out on the forums, thanks for the mod mate! Hate being restricted from stuff just because I want to have some fun with cheats ;)

  6. Daniel says:

    Is there any way you could make a mod that allows homies to wear the outfits from the 2nd mission?
    Here’s the pic: