SRTT and SRIV sound issue fix

Some players have sound problems with both SRTT and SRIV where certain audio like guns or homie voices are much too quiet in relation to the others. I’m one of those users who are affected, and it’s been a complete mystery until today when Mike Wilson from Volition gave me a solution.

This really has to be one of the strangest fixes ever. Mike referred to it as “the 5.1 bug”, and all you have to do to correct it is make sure to watch the opening startup bink videos (THQ/Deep Silver/AMD, etc logos) all the way through without cancelling them. For some unholy reason this actually fixes all the audio levels in the game. I tested it myself, and it worked perfectly. How weird is that?

8 Responses to “SRTT and SRIV sound issue fix”

  1. M says:


  2. TaerKast says:

    I found another (also rather weird) fix for it too on a forum once: it involves going to youtube, watch like a second or two of a video and leave it paused in the background.
    Weird, but it also works.

    Gonna try this fix now.

  3. TotalyHandsomeGuyXD says:

    OMG i had that problem too and it worked witch is pretty wierd but wuteves

  4. BTAxis says:

    Too bad the game actually CRASHES if I watch the opening videos. No really. The only way for me to play is to delete the actual movie files.

  5. M says:

    Yeah this might not be the place to bring this up but I’m not a member of the forums so…

    The last update corrupted my save games. I asked a few other people and they claim to have the same issues. The DLC weapons (the ‘Merica and the anal rape bat) are missing, and there are many duplicate weapons in place.

    Fix it Volition.