Additional Cheats for SRIV v3

The new v3 release adds 17 additional vehicle cheats by request.

Give Hollywood – givehollywood
Give Atlasbreaker – giveatlasbreaker
Give Atlasbreaker Maero variant – giveatlasbreakermaero
Give Bootlegger XL – givebootleggerxl
Give Betsy XL – givebetsyxl
Give Nyteblade (car) – givenyteblade
Give Bloody Cannoness (bike) – givebloodycannoness
Give Kenshin Ronin variant – givekenshinronin
Give Eiswolf VK variant – giveeiswolfvk
Give Eiswolf viceking variant – giveeiswolfviceking
Give Compensator BH (Brotherhood) variant – givecompensatorbh
Give Swindle BH (Brotherhood) variant – giveswindlebh
Give Criminal Morningstar variant – givecriminalmorningstar
Give Justice Morningstar variant – givejusticemorningstar
Give Infuego Morningstar variant – giveinfuegomorningstar
Give Criminal Decker variant – givecriminaldecker
Give Solar Decker variant – givesolardecker

13 Responses to “Additional Cheats for SRIV v3”

  1. Rita says:

    Unrelated to cheats, I’ve been reading the bug reports section in the both forums and it seems the didn’t do a thorough job with the QC. Pretty nasty bugs everywhere.

    • IdolNinja says:

      The fact that they asked us to create that forum and want reports so they can fix everything is great though.

      • Rita says:

        Very true! A step in the right direction.

        They could have done like most mainstream devs and leave the game alone after they released it, but they didn’t!

        I just hope they get on it ASAP, some of those bugs are kind of ugly.

        • IdolNinja says:

          They patched it today with a supposed fix for The Real World/The Escape mission bug which affected a lot of people.

        • IdolNinja says:

          Have you played it yet? I’ve been kind of curious what you thought of it since the city itself was a big sticking point for you.

          • Rita says:

            I’m playing it yes, I was actually not even going to buy it because after SRTT I stopped pre-ordering games/buying games on release because I don’t think none of them is worth 50/60 dollars, but a friend wanted to play with me so I got the game gifted to me hehe.

            The city’s… the same crap as before. Superpowers just makes it mildly tolerable since I keep myself busy hunting for clusters like mad. I feel somewhat like Prototype where you have solid all-around gameplay but the location is just an empty shell designed to serve as an obstacle course for your superpowers.
            Everything the game has to offer is instanced, which makes the city even worse, there’s absolutely nothing there besides collectibles. But like I said, it’s a bit tolerable this time around because superpowers, but it doesn’t mean I don’t hate the lack of everything in the city any less (differentiable residential, recreational, commercial, industral sectors, etc.).

            On a sort of unrelated note, since you invested some of your confidence in my opinion, I’ll also add that while I’m hating the fact that the console weapon wheel shows up everytime I press a button to change weapons and takes all of the screen, the game doesn’t actually freeze unless I use the mouse wheel to change weapons. It’d be great to make the wheel be like SRTT where it was just a small display on the lower right that wasn’t intrusive at all and didn’t obscure the screen (or freeze time).

            I’m also eagerly waiting for crackdown-esque midair shooting! As it is right now the transition between superpowers and weapons feels very stiff.

            Sorry for the long post, hehe.

          • IdolNinja says:

            I agree with everything. I’m hoping we’ll be able to mod these things eventually and correct them.

          • M says:

            City looks like crap cause instead of the fancy glass towers it has that giant… uhh… whatever, floating above it. I’m guessing they removed ‘em and added the force field to prevent us from nuking Steelport and causing Japan to sue.

  2. ego says:

    just realized, boats were removed from sr iv? not that it matters, don’t think i ever even used one in srtt apart from the deliveries.

    has anybody figured where to store airplanes?

    • M says:

      The Wiki lists them as being in the game. If they really are leftovers and modders manage to make them spawn, can they actually be stored somewhere?

  3. Daniel says:

    How can I get the wardrobe color changer mod without Customize any vehicle?! Is there any way to have them separately?

  4. M says:

    Monster trucks. Beautiful monster trucks everywhere.

    Love this game.