SR4 mod tools dated

We’ve worked out the details with Volition, and now have some dates set:

8/20/13 Initial tools release for SRIV. This is not the SDK, but comparable to our existing basic tools for SRTT. I will also be releasing a few SRIV mods on launch as well.

8/27/13 We’ll be removing saintsrowmods restrictions on slider/character mods. This means that these types of mod releases will finally be allowed on our forum, as well as allowing technical discussion. This applies to both SRTT and SRIV. Volition want to keep it simple and have an honor system where they ask all users not to upload their modded characters to the official site, and will manually police/delete ones from people who do. They are also looking at ways to allow modded uploaded characters on the official site with some kind of marking to note that a character require a certain mod(s) to look correctly.

9 Responses to “SR4 mod tools dated”

  1. Erewon says:

    Uploading modded characters would be awesome ! Hope it will work :D

  2. YoYo05 says:

    That’s cool. One of the positives having of PC games because mods definitely extend the life of a game.

  3. Black Heart Noire says:

    Wow, they sure show amazing support :D

  4. Nordlys says:

    I don’t think I will use extended sliders, my characters are just fine, but that’s cool.
    I’m interested especially in new hairstyles

  5. Rita says:

    Extra sliders would be great instead of extended ones.

    Like, sliders for specific parts of the body.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I’m hoping that making the technical info public, and with Volition’s support that we can make stuff like this happen.

    • Ava says:

      That would actually be quite awesome. Extra sliders for the legs and arms. Making them longer or shorter, muscled or skinny without having to make the whole body skinny. But honestly, there already are LOADS of ways to make your character truly unique.

  6. TT says:

    More vehicle colors are to die for…