Sandbox+ v1.2 released!

Thanks to some help from Volition’s Mike Wilson, I was able to get the zombie, mascot, and pimps and hos cheats working correctly in coop! They are now activated with the following Sandbox+ commands in the just released v1.2:

7 + INSERT = Toggle all peds to zombies (works in coop!)
7 + HOME   = Toggle all peds to mascots (works in coop!)
7 + PGUP     = Toggle all peds to pimps and hos (works in coop!)

Now you and your buddy can finally go on a city-wide zombie hunt fun time adventure together!

4 Responses to “Sandbox+ v1.2 released!”

  1. YellowParadise says:

    First comment! Now I have something to live for!

  2. Kory says:

    i was thinking we can choose to be cyrus temple from the mission my name is cyrus temple what about being johnny gat or any other hommie ???

    • IdolNinja says:

      It doesn’t work that way. That Cyrus thing from the mission was actually specially designed clothing you wore, and not an actual npc morph. There’s nothing like that for the other characters.

  3. Anony says:

    Hey! Was wondering if there could possibly be fixes soon for Loren Jet and Stilwater teleports!

    Also, is it at all possible to explore the possibility of visiting (teleporting to) cutscene only areas? Like Stilwater bridge or Syndicate Conference Room.