First look at the Abuct-O-Matic

One of my absolute favorite guns from the press preview gets a little time in the spotlight.

I’m not sure what voice that is in the trailer though. It didn’t sound like the female Southern one from the press preview build at all. Could it be the mysterious eighth voice that has been alluded to in interviews?


12 Responses to “First look at the Abuct-O-Matic”

  1. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Very impressed with the abduct-o-matic, looks like it will be super awesome weapon to use.

    There probably is a very strong possibility that voice is the unknown eighth voice so that’s cool.

    • Some Guy says:

      If it is, it’d be cool, seeing as Nolan North, a male voice, was made the 7th voice, which made it so there were more male than female voices.

  2. Black Heart Noire says:

    What if you point on a Vehicle you are standing on?

  3. JohnB says:

    Hey … SR Weapons Designer here …

    Yeah, unfortunately getting characters to work properly on a mover is very difficult, unless you lock them into a specific position/set of animations (like in Vehicle Surfing or, for that matter, just riding in a car). So no riding around the city on the car you just levitated. :/

    On the other hand, as a consolation prize, I tried to give you the next best thing. If you fire up an abduction beam, then run and jump in it, you can essentially ‘abduct yourself’ and use that to get REALLY high up in the sky quickly (paired with super-gliding, this is really handy).

  4. Mecha says:

    I don’t think the voice in this video is from the game.
    It looks more like a voice over.(like in the recently released video)

  5. TheYoungKing says:

    HOLY SHIT could that be the black female’s voice from Sr2? I would be so hyped if it was!!!
    Damn tho, I still wish they had kept that hispanic voice in. My boy went from Latino to Caucasian!