GotR fixes released for extra gang types!

All the extra GotR npc gangs like pirates, streakers, medical, construction, cowboy, firefighter, and airline have now been fixed so that homies no longer spawn with odd variants like pirate waiters, clothed streakers, or other generic npcs. This fix is coming soon in the next GotR update, but you can download and add it yourself right now from our forum thread!

Once again, a huge thanks to Volition for publicly releasing alpha tools so that stuff like this is finally possible. These fixes are just the tip of the iceberg while waiting on the actual SDK that’s coming soon!

5 Responses to “GotR fixes released for extra gang types!”

  1. Erewon says:

    That’s what I call good news :D

  2. kregg says:

    Just out of curiousity, at some point will all these new mods/mod fixes be bundled in with GotR?

  3. Klink88 says:

    Hey, just wondering if there is a chance of being able to edit the bodyguards gang type so they have swat, Fbi and police outfits like in the optional gotr mod but with saints colours and symbols, wondering if that would be possible with the new Npc crunch table that has been released?

    • IdolNinja says:

      Not yet. the actual npc data only has a certain set of clothing items for that npc that we can work with. Eventually we will be able to create our own npc/clothing data though and it will be possible.