New Saints Row IV vids

The Animal Protection Act trailer gives us our first look at the shrink customize option for the Stomp superpower:

A fan also recorded the first 30 minutes of the San Diego Comic Con panel with some of the Saints Row IV voice cast, Steve Jaros, and Aubrey Norris. It was really cool to see shoutouts to, and hopefully we get the full version of the panel soon! WARNING SPOILERS!

Game Informer did a bullet point rundown of the panel as well:


5 Responses to “New Saints Row IV vids”

  1. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    LOL that was awesome

    quick question, is the shrink power customizable or is it a permanent upgrade?

  2. Magnan says:

    August 20th can’t get here fast enough~

  3. OscarD says:

    WOW… yeah that looks boring and doesn’t really show anything :-/ can we have some real trailers plz :P