Saints Row: The Third SDK release plan!

Jeff Thompson has drafted up a release plan for the upcoming SDK, and will be fielding questions and feedback! While no dates are set, this will at least give an overview of what to expect next.

21 Responses to “Saints Row: The Third SDK release plan!”

  1. SlaYeR5530 says:

    YES! I’ll replace some guns with Twinke Masta models, im also very interested in adding new animations for weapons. It will be good to create a new character anims too.

  2. Black Heart Noire says:

    Very great indeed! I am more looking forward to Release B for new clothes however. I don’t know if my wish can become true with that however… :(

    • excitedexcited!! says:

      Yes me too, new clothes (and hair I hope? Is that implied Idolninja?) is what I’m all about, if we could then get a bit of variety in the landscape back my life would be complete :)

  3. mavado says:

    I hope it’s not near SR IV’s release. I’m excited about it don’t get me wrong, but SR IV’s sales will probably be crippled already due to a certain over-hyped sandbox game being released a month later. If everybody gets into SR TT modding…

  4. ShinRock says:


  5. Koen says:

    I wish I could edit my own comment. I should have said trailer contains SPOILERS. And my comment is of topic, but I just couldn’t wait.

  6. Erewon says:

    Hey IdolNinja ! I was wondering if it would be possible to change the color of the stars in Saints Row: The Third in the notoriety HUD : green for the Luchadores and blue for The Deckers. Even if it’s a bit minimalist, it’s still better than the original same boring color… Don’t you think ?

    • IdolNinja says:

      The was the interface stuff like the hud works is kind of a separate thing from the open world. I don’t think the function that identifies the gang’s current notoriety level will actually work that way. Interesting idea though.