Hands on with the Saints Row IV press preview

I’ve written up an article at saintsrowmods.com with my impressions. HINT: All remaining doubts have been permanently put to rest.

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  1. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Hey idolninja I was wondering (after reading your new article) if their is a normal spiked up hair style like the promo character for saints row the third.
    I know you gave all of the hair styles but its hard to tell so is their normal spiked up hair?

    • IdolNinja says:

      Yes, that exact hairstyle is back.

      • SuperSaint/BroFist says:



        thanks idolninja for answering my question. Don’t know were I would be with this game without your information.

        • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

          there are four main things that have made me want to buy thins game a thousand times is
          1. the normal spiked up hair style finally returns
          2. a certain character that I loved from the first three games is returning.
          4. a more serious story

  2. UberOleg says:

    Awesome! But I’m actually kinda disappointed by the secret voice. I don’t exactly care for the guy, but meh. But again, awesome article. The Abduction Gun sounds like a blast, and pedestrians actually fight back now!! Fuck yes. I have a few questions though, if you don’t mind answering.

    Can you tell us some of the cheats, or are they meant to be a secret?

    Did you encounter any glitched up areas again?

    Do you remember what some of the new pedestrians looked like? Are they not as dull looking as SRTT’s pedestrians?

    Do you have cribs in the real world, or are you not allowed to talk about that?

    Do you have homies, like street homies in the simulation to help you?

    Is Oleg awesome in this one? (a question I forgot to ask in the other article)

    I, err, think that’s it. Thanks!

    • IdolNinja says:

      Regarding cheats, I actually only know one of them that’s special in any way, and that’s the big head cheat that Arif leaked. The only ones in the preview were for the super powers.

      One of the Virus Injection diversions was in a glitched area and all the enemies were npc peds. It was actually really freaky to try and fight them off.

      There some nice looking new npc peds, and some average ones. The important thing is that there is a lot of diversity. you don’t just see tons of clones everywhere.

      The crib thing is a bit too close to story stuff. Sorry. I can say that you do have a crib though.

      I did not see any in the open world, though they are a part of later missions, for sure.

      I can’t talk about Oleg. Sorry.

  3. jus98 says:

    can you say if jane valderrama comes back?

  4. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Hey idolninja by any chance could you tell me what the normal spiked up hair style is called? its kind of hard to tell just by looking at the names.

    • IdolNinja says:

      It’s the same name as it was in SRTT; “Hollywood Ready”.

      • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

        Actually that hair style is not spiked up its more down and long I was hoping for a hair style that was short and spikey like the feathered executive hairstyle in saints row 2

        • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

          or kind of like Gats hair in saints row 1 and 2

          • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

            The PROMO images for saints row the third always depicted the main character with “black spiked up hair” and he also had a black suit.

            really sorry I was looking for the hairstyle of the PROMO image character not the default in game character

            so um do they have that type of spikey hair in the game idolninja?

            really sorry to keep bugging you on this subject but I really need to know.

  5. SuperSaint/BroFist says:


    this particular article has the image

    • IdolNinja says:

      There’s a couple that are close.

      • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

        cool thank you very much

        BTW: sorry for accidentally sending the same thing twice, had to make sure you got the image.

        • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

          its good to know that there are now some spikey hair styles, they were COMPLETELY absent in saints row the third.

          I guess the reason why I am so into this particular subject is because my hair is spikey in real life and I like to put myself in the game.

  6. Daniel says:

    hey idolninja! i got a few questions

    1. Is getting in vehicles still glitchy?

    2. Is character customization similar to SR:TT or SR2?

    3. Any new vehicles?

    • IdolNinja says:

      I’ve never had a problem with vehicles being glitchy. Care to explain?

      Yes, customization is very similar.

      See the article I released today with a list of vehicles.

  7. SaintsFlowCereal says:

    I really don’t care about Nolan North, but I’m freaking livid about the lack of the Hispanic Female voice. Would you be so kind as to tell me if the other two voices suitable replacement or am I going to have to retire my main SR character?

    • IdolNinja says:

      I mention in the article that I really like the French voice.

    • Hydraboy says:

      I feel you bro! That voice actor was the best overall! Good times c:

      • SaintsFlow says:

        I prefer the Male Voice 2, and Nolan North is fucking awesome, he has done a terrific job with Nathan Drake, one of my all time favourite Hero’s, behind the Boss

        • SaintsFlow says:

          Oops. Looks like Male Voice 2 in SRTT ( African American ) is now Male Voice 3. That’s my favourite one

  8. BlackHeron says:

    Hey man. First of all, thank you for doing all of this coverage.
    My question was, and IGN said it too, I am worried the city will look too depressing with that redish looking sky all the time.
    I understand the alien tone of the game, but is that the entire game? How long will sky be that color? Isn’t there a way for us to get a normal looking sky that doesn’t look redish or brownish?

    • IdolNinja says:

      That is most of the game, yes. There may be cheats that change the time of day, but they weren’t in the builds I’ve played (that I know of.)

      • BlackHeron says:

        Could you please check with developers if there is a way they can make sure they will put that as a cheat or option in the game?
        I play on console and would not be possible to mod anything.
        I would really appreciate that!

        • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

          Well all three games had a change weather cheat so I am going to assume that there is a cheat that allows for you to change the weather.

          But after reading idolninja’s original impressions article I believe the simulations sky changes as you take over territory (or it could be story related). Also in the war for humanity trailer there is a part that shows daylight in the simulation. Also the “saints force one” trailer shows daylight in the simulation.

          hope this helped

  9. H says:

    “All of the SRTT DLC clothing looks to be included as part of the base game as well!”
    Fan-fucking-tastic! Always good to see DLC become standard in the sequel, and it no longer matters that you can’t (legitimately) port it

  10. Pancake Master says:

    So why did the civilians fight you on those occasions? Were you being a cunt to them and just beating them down with the anal probe or something? Also, can you say what little details you saw out in the open world? Reminds me of little details you see in the open world in SR2.

  11. Mighty Kids says:

    awesome i heard that theres an RPG skinned like a waffle . Is it round ,and big !

  12. jus98 says:

    hey idolninja,
    can you do the loyalty missions from the start in the simulation or do you have to wait for a sertain point in the game

  13. Professor S says:

    It’s there legit going to be dragon ball hair? Like Goku’s?

  14. Donte Rose says:

    Is SR4 more populated with NPC than SR3. And are they doing more things like in SR2 like rollerskating, fishing, and even sitting on eachother’s laps? That really made the city feel alive in SR2 and was lacking in SR3.

    • IdolNinja says:

      Population did seem denser. I also noticed more action nodes with npcs doing unique stuff. Didn’t see any fishing or bench stuff though.

  15. SaintsFlow says:

    Hey IdolNinja, are we going to be able to leave the simulation to the real world, whenever we want ?

  16. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Hey idolninja, you know that giant alien ship that hovers above steelport (I am sure you do). Well I wanted to ask if we can fly above it and possibly even land on the ship or maybe even enter it?

    • IdolNinja says:

      Nope. That was one of the first things I tried in LA; went to the airport, got a heli and tried to fly up to it. There’s a protective barrier dome around Steelport, and that thing is directly above it.

      • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

        DAMN that sucks ass. Ah well superpowers more than make up for it.
        Didn’t volition say that the height barrier was moved up, because that ship is just as high as syndicate tower?

  17. Hydraboy says:

    How’s the shrink ray?

  18. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Hey idolninja one more question (for now). Can we still command our homies in this game (weather it be main characters or simple gang members)?

  19. BLAZEO1000 says:

    hey idol could you list all of the leve 50 super power names,and thier descriptions ,like the nuke.Also is thier a shrink ray in the game and how does it work.

    • IdolNinja says:

      Only Nuke was a level 50 superpower. Others have special powers that are unlocked through challenges.

      The shrink was not in any builds I played, but I think I may know why. More details in my upcoming article coming this week.

  20. UberOleg says:

    Idol, when do you think your article will be made? A few days?

    • IdolNinja says:

      The article is in a rough draft state right now. I just need to clean up the wording and move some things around. I will probably release it within the next couple of days. There’s some reallllllly interesting super power and activity stuff I found while poking around too. ;)

  21. Matt says:

    What are the Audio Logs like?

    Is there a collectible finder upgrade like in SRTT?

    • IdolNinja says:

      I could only find 3 of the audio logs in about 30 hours, and I’ve really been looking. They are about 1-2 minutes long and almost like personal diaries from different characters about previous events and games in the series, or how they feel about stuff. They are awesome. Any fan of the previous games is going to love them.

      I did see a collectible finder upgrade, but it is a pretty high level unlock and I’m nowhere even close to the level needed even at 30 hours.

  22. BLAZEO1000 says:

    Is thier more to the super powers than just the elements, and can you customize them to do . Also, what does your current blast level do for you can you charge it up ?

    • IdolNinja says:

      After poking around, I found out there is more than just the elements. All of that is coming in the new article this week.

      You can definitely upgrade blast with different stuff. Bigger AOE, quicker recharage, etc.

  23. James says:

    Nice one, thanks again!

    Customization looks a lot better in SR4. Can you get same hair styles as NPC’s?

    I noticed that the pre-order ‘Queen Amazona’ hair is similar to the blonde character in the 1950′s diner cutscene. Is it the same or different?

    Sadly, this sort of stuff matters to me!

    • IdolNinja says:

      I didn’t notice about the npc hair styles. If you link some pics of which npc hair you are hoping for then I will open them on my second monitor and double check the next time I play. The Queen Amazonia hair is definitely 100% different from the 1950s one.

      • James says:

        Ah cool. It was only really the blonde’s one (dressed in blue) in that cutscene I liked. From what I’ve seen the selection looks/sounds a lot more interesting in SR4. Really want to see them all!

  24. BLAZEO1000 says:

    omg, when is the new article coming, also i’ve seen GTA 5 graphics , and i’m not impressed at all , the last gen tech & lighting makes the game look terrible.

  25. excitedexcited!! says:

    Hey IdolNinja, can you tell me if the majority of the new longer hairstyles are very ‘animated’ like the ‘Egyptian Princess’, ‘Cheerleader’ or say the ‘Rasta’ ones in SR3?
    For instance I could never stand how the ‘Voluminous’ hairstyle might wobble around a bit but stays anchored to the shoulders even if you’re jumping off a building! Weird issue I know but its a big selling point for me lol

    Cheers for all your good work man, you’re really making stuff happen :)

  26. cheesychips says:

    Yet another hair styles question – Is ‘Marilyn Curls’ Marilyn Monroe hair?