Saints Row IV Mission 2 Walkthrough

Volition has released an official high quality version with commentary from Jim Boone.

9 Responses to “Saints Row IV Mission 2 Walkthrough”

  1. ShinRock says:

    So…the game will have moments like this mission? If the keep that up then this really is going to be an epic experience…

    • IdolNinja says:

      That’s actually one of the tamer missions. It really gets going around mission 5 or so.

      • ShinRock says:

        Oh wow…i just hope that the whole “Banned from Australia” thing doesn’t ruin anything…

        • Anomaly says:

          Who cares about Australia. Games have been getting banned there since forever, only reason IGN and the others are making a fuss about Saints Row IV is because they are on Rockstar’s payroll.

  2. Anomaly says:

    That looks… I was gonna say badass but that’s a huge understatement.

    I need to invent a new word for this, I’ll be right back.

  3. jus98 says:

    hey idolninja, another achievement list has leaked.

  4. SWJS says:

    jus98 is right, a new list has been released. It appears to be legit.

    Here it is: