All weapons in free roam mod

Based on help from Volition, BadMadScientist was able to get the Gangsta in Space DLC laser weapons preloaded and available in the open world! Be advised that these weapons will only work for people who actually own the DLC.

This is a work in progress build and BadMadScientist plans to update it soon with all the murderbrawl melee weapons as well. That means you’ll also be able to store the stuffed shark, tiki torch, and other assorted blunt objects in your weapon cache to use in the open world whenever you like!

Making these weapons available is something that all of us have been trying to do since the game’s launch with no success. The best part is that these are actually new assets and files that we’re loading, as a test for future original creations. The release of this mod is really a testament to just how much of a difference Volition has already made with their support. Expect more exciting news in the weeks to come as new tools and info becomes available.

14 Responses to “All weapons in free roam mod”

  1. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Interesting. I’ve always wanted to use the Gangstas in Space weapons

    Thank you BadMadScientist

    and Thank you Idolninja for providing this information.


  2. Anomaly says:

    Yay! Will you do the vehicles next? :3

  3. H says:

    I wasn’t a fan of those weapons anyway, but this progress is amazing!
    If I understand you correctly, and these are new assets but rely on DLC, does that mean there are checks in place that would allow for DLC items to be legitimately ported into SR4?

  4. You think it’s not okay for a ridiculous, impossible act like anal-probing induced rocketflight to be a thing, yet you’d be okay with realistic depictions of men shooting other men with modern day weapons, which comes closer to horrors which actually occur in reality?

    • IdolNinja says:

      You sound very upset.

      • The Jovial Cereal Box says:

        I believe he’s referring to the Saints Row IV censorship controversy here in Australia; the ratings board reacted negatively to the Anal Probe weapon and the use of alien narcotics to bestow the player with superpowers in an Activity.

        What makes this so infuriating for Australians is we now have a rating preventing minors from buying more “adult-oriented” games.

        I, for one, don’t mind if we simply get a version where these are the only two things removed. As long as we don’t get a version with all violence removed/watered down like with Left 4 Dead 2.