Gentlemen of the Row 1.9.1

With the release of new SR2 tools, I was able to fix some longstanding bugs with GotR, as well as add in a couple of additional mods that have been sitting around. Sandbox+ for SR2 is probably the standout and gives the player the ability to teleport to different locations, change teams, swap zones like the Heritage Festival, play with notoriety, trigger anims, and other fun stuff by simply typing in codes. The code entry and its results are all in realtime while in the open world, and not triggered through cellphone like your standard cheats. You’ll find the new Sandbox+ listed an optional mod in the Misc submenu, choice 7. Make sure to read the Sandbox+ command list included in the archive that tells you how to actually use it. I also highly recommend trying out 484 (defib flinch faceup animation) and sprinting around. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

Download Gentlemen of the Row v1.9.1


Sandbox+ for SR2 by IdolNinja

Sandbox+ allows you enter numeric codes while playing to do things like teleport to different city areas/cribs, swap city chunks in and out like the Ronin Heritage Festival, change notoriety or lock notoriety at any level including zero notoriety, change player team so you can recruit Samedi/Brotherhood/Ronin/police and fight the Saints, trigger almost any animation in the game wherever you are (some of these are completely hilarious,) give yourself cash, repair your current vehicle, and more. To use a command, simply type in 888. This will trigger a code entry display and wait for your 3 digit code. Refer to the Sandbox+ command list text file included in this archive for all the codes that can be used.

Customizable variants by IdolNinja

Removed customization restrictions for all variants of the Ambulance, Shaft, Buffalo B, Topher, and Donovan. You should now be able to customize reward vehicles and other uniques in these classes.

Fixed all modded weapon names using Minimaul’s shiny new string tool. Also fixed all text for extra missions, including naming of save files when completed. Mission text in the extra missions should now display correct for both the host and remote player.

Fixed Brotherhood mission 10 The Siege so that it works correctly with the Villain Homie Pack optional mod.

Fixed the Silenced Pistol so it can be picked up again if dropped/switched out.

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  1. Anomaly says:


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  3. The Jovial Cereal Box says:

    Hey Idol, great to hear all this news about Volition’s involvement with the modding community, and am looking forward to Saints Row IV as well.

    Minor question regarding Saints Row 2: Will performance issues be able to be smoothed out further in this version of the game? My CPU is 3.2 GHZ and I did the prefetch trick, but it still stutters while driving.

    Anyways, hopefully a fix can be found. All the best to you and the modding community.

    • IdolNinja says:

      It’s way to early to even make a guess. I will say that Volition is interested in patching and fixing bugs in the previous games, but I don’t have an ETA or any kind of promise when/if it will happen. Sorry.

      • The Jovial Cereal Box says:

        Fair enough. Nonetheless, it is wonderful to hear that they are, at least, interested in patching bugs with the game; even if my issue can’t be fixed, at least it is mostly playable.

        I look forward to what the modding community and Volition can achieve over time.