Le_string tool released!

Minimaul has released a new tool that allows us to edit string files in both Saints Row: The Third or Saints Row 2. In addition to editing the existing in-game text, it also has the ability to add new variables and values so that things like modded weapon names display correctly. This new tool also opens up the ability for anyone to easily localize either game to their native language.

This le_strings tool is something we have all desperately wanted for years and has finally been made possible thanks to input from Mike Wilson of Volition, who has been tirelessly helping us on our forum with file formats and other questions.

3 Responses to “Le_string tool released!”

  1. Anomaly says:

    Gold GDHC name fix plz thanks bro.

  2. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Okay time for a little history lesson.

    Did you know that the kings and nobles in the byzantine empire wore purple to represent royalty and power? Hence the Third Street Saints wear purple and are the most powerful gang in the Saints Row Universe.