It has begun!

Mike Wilson, Senior Programmer at Volition, has joined our modding forum and is ready to start assisting us with file format information and other technical questions for Saints Row: The Third. These are exciting times, and I can’t wait to get started.

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  1. Ava says:

    Yes! ^^ I can’t wait to try out your magic. Well, the magic that all you modders make, really. Bringing life back to a played out game. I am psyched to see what you can do to Saints Row 3, and even more to Saints Row 2. I hope one of those things is the same controls of Saints Row 3. Cos SR3 really is a good third person shooter game. The controls are simple, efficient and fun. The only missing would be wall hugging and shooting around the corner for the more tactical feel in firefights. =P Not that I really missed it in Saints Row. I just love to run to a wall, hug against it and shoot around corners in games. Looks so cinematic. ^^

    • IdolNinja says:

      We’ve been tossing around the idea of a SRTT Director’s Cut mod that changes the story to be like the original draft with Killbane nuking Stilwater, and Shaundi’s survival guilt. I would also like have a better arc for Loren as well. That will all largely depend on if we get cutscene creation/editing support though.

      • jon says:

        This also depends partly on whether we can get the early script version from Jaros where these changes existed

        • Ava says:

          Cutscenes would be hard to do, I imagine. Also, won’t you be missing some voices? Unless they already have those files, and they had changed the story after the voices were already included.

          Would you also be able to create new activities, like the Fight Club? I mean, I read in your review that Fuzz is a scripting nightmare, so I doubt that will make it back, but Fight Club was one of my fave activities.
          Or more hitman assignments. The Hitman challenges were also awesome. Though better in SR2, since you get rewards for those missions, like infinite handgun ammo and shizzle like that. I wish they kept that reward system in 3 and 4. =/

          • IdolNinja says:

            I actually have a work in progress SR2 Hitman mod that I was working on with InnocentSam. It’s very much possible. We just never finished it because we’re lazy bastards.

            Everything else is unknown at this point. I want to do new activities, for sure. There was a cut activity in SR2 called Piracy that sounded amazing where you had to deliver illegal packages by boat. I would love to reinstate/recreate it.

        • IdolNinja says:

          If not, we’ll just make it up as we go along. ;)

          • Ava says:

            Nice idea for on the forum? Let members think along with you. Who knows, perhaps some of them have great ideas. ^^ I only have really complicated ideas. xD

          • IdolNinja says:

            That is the plan. I always like to get community feedback on this kind of thing. Right now we’re just kicking ideas around in group chat though.

  2. Ava says:

    Yay, Saints Row talked about you on facebook. xD

    At Deep Silver and Volition, we love the PC modding community. So, Saints Row community modder IdolNinja will be getting support from Volition to break open the world of Saints Row: The Third modding!

    “So, what does this actually mean to the average Saints Row player? In simple terms, the modding community will finally be able to create and offer new clothing, new vehicles, new guns, new npcs, new missions, and even new world geometry which will greatly extend the life of the series and enhance the Saints Row games in ways we never even dared to dream of.”

    Read his blog entry for the full details!

    And then they link your website. Super awersome, man. :D

    I think the community will get much bigger soon. And you will be very busy, I imagine. ^^

  3. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Hey Idolninja do you know when the inauguration station demo for
    saints row 4 releases?

  4. nkjellman says:

    I don’t know if this will be possible or not but it has been done with the GTA series, and now that SR3 is going open, I don’t see why not.

    This is to add the SR2 Stillwater to SR3′s map. The Saints need you in Steelport boundaries are removed. You fly a plane/heli/ufo/vtol, etc or drive a boat between Steelport and Stillwater. It may be possible to add the bank from the first SR3 mission to it as well.

    Another possible mod idea is to port SR1 to SR2 so we can enjoy SR1 on PC. However it will have SR2 features like bikes, boats, and aircraft. We just would need to have tools to get stuff out of SR1. I think its possible. Just look at VCS PC Edition for GTA. They were able to make tools so they can rip stuff out of VCS for PS2 and put it in SA on the PC. I’m sure it will be possible to rip stuff out of SR1 and put it in SR2.

    • IdolNinja says:

      We will not be doing anything with the original Saints Row since that is console only. Even if we did have access to the assets it’s simply unethical to even consider, and against our forum rules. We are talking about porting Stilwater to SRTT (or possibly SR4) though, and having the user provide the SR2 files himself to prove ownership.

  5. Anomaly says:

    and to make sure you don’t mod dlc :P

    nothing wrong with that, beats stupid drm software crap

  6. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    I think I would be hilariously awesome if you could make super powered gangsters with zoot suits (pin striped suits). Now that would be an awesome gang to fight. But don’t get me wrong aliens are still badass but seeing a super powered mafia mod would be super cool.

  7. flow754 says:

    Nice! When can we expect the modding tools?

    • IdolNinja says:

      We have already gotten more information on the file formats in the past few days than we have figured out ourselves in years. It’s now up to us to actually write the tools. So, I have no idea. Honestly. This isn’t something you can put an ETA on. All I can say is that it’s happening faster than I thought it would.

  8. BlossomedSakura says:

    So amazing ^^
    I have been wondering tho, will this also have some kind of effect on the German versions? The problem is relatively mild on The Third but it is severely problematic on the second game. I know that one wasn’t ported by Volition but I am quite curious.

  9. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Hey idolninja can we fly jets/airplanes in saints row 4?

    • IdolNinja says:

      Yes, it’s one of the first things I tried when I hit the open world.

      • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

        Thanks a lot, to be honest I feel like a jackass for asking the question but I just wanted a second opinion from someone who has played the game.

        So again thank you very much idolninja.


  10. Supergrover says:

    Wait… does this mean that it might now be possible to have a mod add in additional player slots to the game??? As in, playing with more than 2 players? Or would that require a fundamental code rewrite or access to stuff that can’t be done with the level of info/access given? The game is amazing with 2 players, I can only imagine that adding more players would just bring it to an entirely new level.

    Either way, fantastic news! :D

    • IdolNinja says:

      That is difficult to say. It’s certainly something a lot of us are very interested in. Right now, I would say that anything is possible. It’s just a matter of time to see what kind of tools we develop and what kind of fundamental changes we can make.

  11. A concerned Saints Row 2 player says:

    I am sorry for writing a comment like that in SR3 section, but let’s get to the point. Will Powertools be compatibile with XP? There are still lots of XP users who’d like to fully enjoy Saints Row 2, including me.

    • IdolNinja says:

      It’s time to seriously consider upgrading your 12 year old OS.

      The thing is that you are an extremely rare case. You are only the second XP user to have that problem. 99.99% of XP users run correctly. So, it’s simply just not something we want to dedicate the time to support when you are stuck on an ancient OS. That’s just the way of things, sorry.

  12. beard92 says:

    im running sr2 on xp too and i’ve got a problem with installing it. it says there’s a problem with some MKLINK and asking me if i ran this script elevated (?). i have administrative rights on this computer.

    • beard92 says:

      ps. it’s about installing powertools

    • IdolNinja says:

      Nice try, jackass. Did you really think I couldn’t see what IP you are posting from? You are the same person and pretending to be someone new in an attempt to fool me that your issue is bigger than it is. Fuck off.

    • 1. mklink works just fine on XP.
      2. Powertools crashes because XP is missing InterlockedExchange64 (which is a vital part of how we do the time scaling). It’s not something worth fixing for a 12 year old OS that only seems to suffer from the issue on a _very small number of PCs_ – as Idol says, you are about the second user to report it.

  13. ineffable says:

    Thanks for giving a damn! You all are awesome for extending SRTT. I’m getting closer to recreating “Smack my Bitch Up” video by the Prodigy.

  14. Emo Furry says:

    Hey, do you know if we will be getting good female clothes (like sr2) because SR3 had horrible shoes and the girls walked like ducks :(

    • IdolNinja says:

      This is something obviously very important to you. It is not to me, and I have no idea what you even mean by it. I am not the one to answer this question for you.

  15. Kregon says:

    Do you think it might be possible to create new npc models and gang followers??? maybe increase gang/ follower limit to like 30 and have small army? If so \m/ I can’t wait to play with some modding tools!

    • IdolNinja says:

      The modding sdk release schedule B (the second update) will have tools and plugins for creating new npcs. That’s an interesting thought about the follower limit. I’ll bring it up with Volition and see if there’s a way we can implement that.