The Modding News Destined to Change Everything

I am floored. I am excited. I am ecstatic. I have had to pinch myself repeatedly and reread emails to prove they were actually real and not some kind of crazy fever dream. I even danced. I have desperately been trying to somehow contain my unbridled joy that this is actually happening, and am finally able to share it with you all today.

“But Idol,” you are probably asking yourself, “what in the holy granola are you flipping the fuck out about? Tell us, already!”

Jeff Thompson, the Studio Director of Programming at Volition, is putting together a package for us containing documentation, file formats, tools, and more on the Saints Row: The Third engine. Myself, Minimaul, and gibbed will be working closely with Jeff over the coming months to use this information to create a robust set of modding tools to supplement our existing ones and creating what is essentially a full sdk for the game! But, that’s not all! Saints Row: The Third is only the beginning! Jeff has confirmed that he will also be digging up all the Saints Row 2 info that he can so we can do the same for it as well, and that this undertaking is actually a “test run” for Saints Row IV.

So, what does this actually mean to the average Saints Row player? In simple terms, the modding community will finally be able to create and offer new clothing, new vehicles, new guns, new npcs, new missions, and even new world geometry which will greatly extend the life of the series and enhance the Saints Row games in ways we never even dared to dream of.

You are probably asking yourself right now, just how the fuck we managed to pull this one off. The answer to that is actually quite simple. I asked. While I was in LA playing Saints Row IV, I took the opportunity to lay out a modding proposal to the Volition guys. The proposal itself was quite modest and simply requested a technical email contact at Volition to whom we could pose a question or two about file formats once a month or so. This contact could then use that month to find an answer for us along with his actual job duties. All I really hoped for was the tiniest little nudge in the right direction with some of the file formats that have had us stumped for years now. I talked about how our forum has 36,000+ registered members with thousands of unique hits a day. About how we are staunchly anti-piracy and have been dedicated to keeping Volition’s best interests at heart despite their uninvolvement. Lastly, I mentioned how Koch Media and Deep Silver have a reputation in the industry for being fan-centric, and how working together would show just how different they are from the previous regime’s policies that forbade Volition developers from interacting with the fans at all.

The Volition guys in LA all loved the idea, so I drafted up an official proposal document on my return which laid everything out and sent it off to Alex Mejia and Steve Jaros. They both warned me at the time that nothing was likely going to happen for at least a couple of months due to how insanely busy things were with the finalization and launch of Saints Row IV. Much to my surprise (and Alex and Steve’s,) Jeff Thompson replied promptly with the amazing offer detailed above and gave the go ahead to bring in Minimaul and gibbed into the proceedings. I then created a community modding wishlist thread that Jeff has been monitoring to see the kind of things the rest of the community is hoping for as well.

And that, as they say, is that. I am eagerly looking forward to getting things started and Jeff has told us that we can expect something from him this very week. I want to take a moment to sincerely thank Volition and Deep Silver from the bottom of my heart for giving the Saints Row modding community this amazing opportunity. Some of the ideas we have in store are going to blow people’s minds, and the open world crime genre will never be the same.

71 Responses to “The Modding News Destined to Change Everything”

  1. Gilgamesh says:

    How amazing is that? Thank you, Idol, for achieving this. Thank you, Jeff, for you support. Thank you, Volition, for listening. And now away to preorder Saints 4 to show my support.

  2. Jetz says:

    Been sitting here for the past five minutes trying to come up with some words to convey my opinion that this will be fucking awesome. I believe I have failed miserably.

  3. Zotobom says:

    New cars? New weapons? NEW WORLD GEOMETRY?!

    Oh God,this is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to see what you guys can do with it!

  4. flow754 says:

    So are these modding tools going to be comparable to Skyrims “creation kit”? Since I’m a 3D artist, would they let me change car, character or assets models without having much scripting skills? Because it’d be AWESOME if that was the case! :D

  5. scanti says:

    Wow. I’m officially completely and utterly blown away. I got excited about your little teases but this is more than I could of hoped for.

    To be honest I hit the frustration barrier with Saints Row the Third so I took a break from it but now …

    I have Visual Studio on standby sir, ready for the drop.

  6. BlossomedSakura says:

    Just.Wow. I am at a loss of words. This is just so amazing. Volition just earned a lot of respect from me.
    I am really looking forward what you guys can bring out with this opportunity. Can you throw a small bone at us?

    (and I was formerly known as DespairAporia. just sayin)

  7. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    This is amazing on all levels, I have never ever seen a company this generous. Saints row 4 is a day one purchase for sure. Cant wait to read your article on saints row 4 tomarrow idolninja. :-)

  8. Dilin says:

    How I feel.

  9. Ghost says:

    This is fucking Awesome Amazing …. the possibilities of merging stillwater and steelport and making new models of cars , clothings , buildings and its interiors , it brings a grinch’s grin to my face… even today many people are playing oblivion even when skyrim’s out .. guess saints row the third will be played by lot of people in pc for years to come…. thanks to IdolNinja , Minimaul , Gibbed , The Modding Community and last but not the least Voliton /DeepSilver ….

  10. DF_Kev2442 says:

    I instantly remembered the limits you had with SR2, and I just have one thing to say :
    Volition officially became my favorite company ever. Previous one was Nvidia. Yeah, fan-boy. ^^’
    Sooo… any “I HEART Volition” wallpaper ? :D
    One last thing : should I wait for SRIV or GotR now ? ^^

    • DF_Kev2442 says:

      If I read it right, it’s thankful to you, right ?
      Well then : I love you. In a friendly way of course ! :p
      You definitely made a lot for SR modding. We all owe you this.
      Thank you very much for what you’ve done. You’re awesome !

  11. H says:

    Best. News. Ever. Just, wow.

    I wonder, with SR being steamworks, could we see workshop support as well?

    And thankyou, Idol, for making this happen. And kudos to Volition for cooperating.

    Leaning heavily towards pre-ordering…

  12. ledude says:

    and that gentlemen is why Volition is better than Rockstar.

  13. Some Guy says:

    This is fucking amazing. The sad part is my new computer can’t handle games and I’m forced to get it for console.

    Anyways, good luck with modding and congrats on the news!

  14. Mecha says:

    Woah, congrats Idolninja!

    Few more good things and I may consider to preorder SR4.

  15. SuperSaint/BroFist says:

    Hey idolninja I saw some awesome news on professor genki in saints row 4. According to the developers the professor has a new activity called
    “Professor Genki’s Mind over Murder” where you have to use telekinesis to shoot objects (and people) at targets scattered around the area. Also apparently professor genki is one of the villains of the game and he has his own powers to use against you so

    super powered president vs. super powered genki
    sounds interesting

    here is the site to view the video that contains the information–first-look-demo–stream-

    just copy and paste on to your progress bar or the bar at the very top of your screen.

    again your modding announcement is wonderful and I look forward to seeing a SR4 mod with gangstas and maybe even super powered gangsters with zoot suits.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I loved that activity when I played it in LA. It’s super fun and I was laughing out loud trying to shoot people and stuff through those hoops. Great stuff and really unique from any other SR activity from previous games.

      • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

        It sounds like great fun and it would be awesome if you could POSSIBLY put the information about the activity in your article tomorrow but that totally up to you.
        I look forward to kicking super Genki’s ass when I get the game in august


        • IdolNinja says:

          Now that it has been revealed I plan on adding a bit about it before publishing it tomorrow morning. :)

          • SuperSaint/BroFist says:

            Awesome I cant wait to read your article tomorrow. Its going to be awesome reading up on some of the things that Volition has not revealed yet. :-)

  16. Ava says:

    AWESOME. I can’t wait to see what awesome stuff you and the others can come up with. A much more advanced GoS no doubt, an upgraded SR2 or heaven forbid, SR2 in SR3′s engine? And what future does this have for SR4? As they are practically using the same engine except the obvious better looking stuff. I think it will get more busy on the modding site. :) You really are my hero. :D

  17. name023 says:

    Oh God.

    Mods. Actual working advanced mods. In Saints Row.

    My whole month has been made.

    I love you.

  18. Dave L. says:

    So…. What are the chances that whatever SR2 tools are created will also be useable for Red Faction: Guerrilla? If I remember correctly the engine was almost exactly the same (though the PC version had some significant tweaks that the PC version of SR2 didn’t). Obviously making new buildings would be out, but custom landmass and building placement, maybe?

    • IdolNinja says:

      That would probably depend on if the tool authors care enough to actually port their tools to RFG. The formats are slightly different.

  19. Lestibournes says:

    Now they just need to port SR1 to the PC and fix the SR2 PC port and everything will be perfect.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I don’t think either of those things will ever happen. We may be able to do something with the SR2 port though since they are getting us all the documentation they can.

      • Lestibournes says:

        I’m not expecting anything, but one could always hope. With the Xbox One not being backwards compatible and no emulators for the Xbox I would think the developers who worked so hard to create their own baby would want it to still be playable in the future, and so I hope maybe some of them are working on porting it over on their spare time and that eventually it will progress enough to be made official, kind of like what happened with the Unity3D game engine being ported to Linux. At first it was just 2 of the developers working on it in their paid “do what you want” company time, but eventually it reached a point where it became an official port.

  20. Leon says:

    Okay, this is one GREAT NEWS !

    Congrats, man ! Can’t wait to see how this will change Saints Row series forever on PC of course.

  21. CannerZ45 says:

    As a fellow current, ardent player and modder of SR3, this news makes me grin and cry. <:D

  22. killergp123 says:

    I NEVER NEVER NEVER thought we’d have mod tools for Saint’s Row….you are a god amongst men!!!!

    Thanks Volition/Deep Silver for being awesome! You all have made my YEAR with this info.

    Being a long-term Volition fan and even hoping to one day work for them (I am 3 hours from Champaign, IL so relocation wouldn’t be too bad) this news just makes me like the company even more!

    • IdolNinja says:

      I really think the Koch Media/Deep Silver acquisition of Volition was the best possible outcome that could have happened. They truly are a fan oriented company, unlike THQ.

      • killergp123 says:

        I agree with this 100%! I can’t wait to see what else they have planned for us :) It seems each piece of info released just increases my love for them and the series.

  23. cory says:

    I think u should bring in to the game more of the outer planet play and more hover craft cars and maybe aliens to fight and maybe we can ride a horse down the street shooting r laser gun at the aliens coming down on us thin hop off the horse and jump in to a car that transform in to a crazy robot with guns that look like they come off a tank!!!!

  24. Blo0dm0n3y says:

    Seeing this really made my day.

  25. Jade says:

    I’m really looking forward to this :D

    I got SR3 last weekend and got hooked on it since then, and even though I still have to play “Remember Me” it has been sidelined for the moment ^^

  26. Joe says:

    You just asked? Why didn’t the rest of us think of that. Thank You IdolNinja

    • IdolNinja says:

      Well, we’ve been asking/pleading/begging for years now and were always shut down by THQ. I figured with the changing of the guard it was worth a shot. I guess it was! :D

  27. Victor says:

    lol… whoops. This is what happens when you have way too many tabs open. IdolNinja… I’m thrilled about this information and can’t wait until all of the new mods are released. Real guns please (P99, Uzi, etc.) and a car that resembles a Lamborghini. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  28. Brett Ford says:

    if they are so “fan-centric” do this means we will not have any game save protection on saint row4 on the ps3?… fuck i hated that i couldn’t back up my saves for saint rows3 on the ps3. that was the only let down….

  29. DarnHyena says:

    I wonder if we’ll ever get to see Geo-mod used to it’s full potential someday..

  30. Antiscamp says:

    I’ve been modding for years, most notably the Elder Scrolls games. I am very much interested in moving on at this point (although I have a few unfinished things to deal with first) and modding something like SR seems like what I need and want. I am really looking forward to seeing what this might bring to the table; I’ve already got a few ideas on what I’d like to do.

    • IdolNinja says:

      That’s great to hear. We have a really awesome community and it will only get better with the influx of new talent like yourself. Welcome! :)

  31. panmanstan says:

    how many mods will you be publishing for sr4

  32. JT says:

    Can somebody mod in a method to get my own radio station in with music i own?? Thanks!

  33. Madatij says:

    Very glad to see that Volition got involved into helping making mods for the Saints Row series :)

    Off topic: I’m considering to get me a set of custom license plates (XX SAINTS) for my car and want to know who should I ask (if it is even needed) for permision? What do you think about that idea?

    p.s.: Is the color of the car good enough to be a “saints” vehicle ?

  34. MechanizedDeath says:

    Late to the comments here, but I wanted to say thanks.

    I completed SRTT some time ago, but recently introduced a friend to the series on PC and have been revisiting Steelport in co-op mode. I hadn’t even considered there might be mods for SRTT (or even SR2) and now I come to find out that not only do they exist, but they’re going to get better?


    Thanks again to Volition and Deep Silver, not to mention everyone who has worked on these mods and anyone who will continue to do so in the future. Without your efforts, PC games would have a much more finite shelf life.

  35. Like my Mechanized compatriot above, I too am late to the blog. I’ve been a silent observer of the SR3 modding community, and I’ve even experimented with some of the techniques and workarounds that you guys have developed(Thanks, btw).

    This news…this is just fantastic. Knowing that I’ll be able to dig in and play with Steelport(AND Stilwater?!) with a fully-developed SDK is just the impetus I need to join the community and share the horribly deranged things that have been floating around in my brainmeats. Well done, sir.