Impressions article release dated

I got some news from Deep Silver about the article. The delay has to do with embargos and potentially scooping the regular gaming press on it. You know, marketing stuff. Anyway, you can all expect to read it during E3 this year between June 11-13.  This is actually kind of cool since I’ll be able to add more info on other features that have been publicly released.

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  1. TijmenDimple says:

    Awh, I excpected it sooner, but I can’t blame you on that, I’m looking forward to reading it in June :)

  2. Jetz says:

    Are you permitted to tell us IF they’e had you change anything from your original words? (I know you couldn’t say exactly what; that’d defeat the whole purpose)

    • IdolNinja says:

      No, they haven’t asked me to change a single thing which is definitely to their credit. I was completely honest about the negative things I didn’t like in addition to the positive. Before any conspiracy nuts start imagining things, I absolutely do not think they are delaying the article because of it. Volition actually encouraged me to be honest and keep it real and not sugar coat anything.

      • Jetz says:

        That’s pretty amazing for a game company and publisher. I must admit I was sorely disappointed when I saw the first trailer – looked like they decided the insanity was SR3′s high point so obviously a sequel just needs more of that at the expense of whatever else they don’t feel like working on. Still, if they’re happy to let you speak up about it, maybe your opinions are actually helping to shape the final product.

        • IdolNinja says:

          The build I played was far from being finished/polished, so there is a good chance there will be improvements. Steve told me that tons of new additions are being integrated daily, including new art assets for the world itself, clothes, weapon skins, etc. Hopefully they are able to implement a couple of suggestions I had. It’s certainly a possibility with everything still being worked on. I’m not holding my breath on that though.

  3. SaintWitcher says:

    that might be too late,I think if there is something positive then DS and Vol need to throw it right now, SR4 need real fans impressions,that because all reactions all over the internet were negative,not only the SR1/2 fans but even SR3 fans who think SR4 is just a glorified DLC.

    by the way Idol,did you asked them if the PC version for SR4 will be easier to mod this time ?

    • IdolNinja says:

      They are really in a weird position with this one. There is so much awesome fanservice stuff that they do not want to spoil, and really shouldn’t. If they did start revealing it then it would definitely get more original fans like me on their side, but severely diminish the impact to see it in-game for the first time.

      My understanding is that SR4 uses pretty much the same file formats so it will be about the same to mod it. There is some background stuff in the works though that may make things easier. I can’t really give any details yet on that though.

  4. Rita says:

    I’m pretty much on a very simple mindset right now. If the simulation with “so random and funny” superpower leveling system and dubstep gun in Steelport 2.0 is the entirety of the game with no gangs, nothing else but the exact same city with a “Prototype/Spiderman” sanbdox feel, then this game is going to be a piece of crap.

    But on the other hand I have you, who said this game is a celebration of the franchise and that the good things about this game more than outweigh the bad, and that it is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Now, looking at the trailer, it’s exactly the same they did with SRTT, they showed some cool and awesome (but actually dull and boring) “features” in the same city, with basically everything being the same as SRTT.

    I’ve seen many sellouts in the videogame industry, I believe you’re not one of them, I’ve spoken to you directly on many ocassions on steam and in the SRmods forums, and I know your personality is strong enough for what you say to be true, even though it’s just words on the internet.
    So, taking all that into account, I’m trying to imagine WHAT could possibly be the step in the right direction you talked about, that the Steelport simulation must be a part of the game and not its entirety, that the game should go on a completely different direction after that… So many conjectures, ideas, what could they possibly be hiding, if they -are- hiding something.

    My brain hurts! I need this article now!!

    • IdolNinja says:

      There’s a lot that I want to say. There are still glaring omissions that haven’t made it back in from SR2. These bother me, and I am pretty blunt in my article (and directly to the devs during our time in LA.) Knowing your posting history, I have a feeling that they will bother you too… probably even more so. The really big positive things I can’t even talk about at all since they are direct story spoilers. I wouldn’t ruin that even if I wasn’t under NDA. I can only say that the biggest improvements over SRTT are in the story, and the characters themselves. I’m sure you’ve seen the confirmation on facebook that Benjamin King is, in fact, returning. That’s a pretty good indication of the tone of the game.

      EDIT: I had to delete some stuff at the last minute before posting this since it kind of skirts the line about what I can or can’t talk about yet. :(

      • H says:

        Must be tough having to hold back information we all so desperately crave… bring on more official info!

        • IdolNinja says:

          It is tough, but I treat all promises and agreements that I make with respect. I would do the same even if it was a verbal agreement and I didn’t actually sign anything. Just the way I roll.

  5. Mecha says:

    I thought the article would be released earlier… XD
    That’s fine since we have to just wait a month.

    I also share the same concerns than Rita about the game, the details that have been revealed doesn’t raise much my enthusiams.

    We didn’t talked together so I don’t exactly know you, but you sound like a reliable person and a real fan of SR2.

    I almost exactly agree with your opinion about SR3 so I guess there’s still hope to see a true sequel for SR2.