Twitter account suspended

Twitter has suspended my account for some weird reason. I’ve already confirmed with both Volition and Deep Silver that it wasn’t a copyright complaint or anything along those lines. In fact, Aubrey from DS is going to talk to her contact at Twitter on my behalf which gets her quite a few super cool points in my book.

7 Responses to “Twitter account suspended”

  1. TijmenDimple says:

    Oh gosh, why would they suspend you? You haven’t given any hints or details about the game :/

    • IdolNinja says:

      After talking with both Volition and Deep Silver, it’s nothing like that at all. Probably just some automated thing. I should know more soon.

  2. SaintWitcher says:

    huh? if Deep Silver and Volition are both ok with your tweets why Twitter suspend it? that weird.

    and I have to say that Deep Silver sound very cool publisher to be honest,they care about the fans complaint (like you) and sound like they actually like what they are doing.

    it’s just sad that they didn’t get Red Faction IP..oh well.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I think it may have been the influx of new followers that possibly triggered something automatic. Aubrey Norris from Deep Silver personally knows someone who works at Twitter so is actually talking to them to try and figure out what happened. I think that’s pretty damn cool.

  3. wubwub says:

    Pretty ironic for a DRM fanboy ain’t it? :) )

    • IdolNinja says:

      That it got resolved already in a couple of days? I’m not seeing the problem other than you desperately grasping at asshole straws.