Upcoming Gentlemen v1.7 Release

Gentlemen of the Row v1.7 is in the final stages of testing and is likely to be released around the end of next week.  This new version is a huge step for the mod, as it takes much of the additional content and ties it in to the actual game progression, melding it into one cohesive whole. For example, most of the new weapons and unique vehicles are now rewarded for completing activities and missions instead of just simply being for sale.

One of the really exciting things about the new version is 35 new unlockable npc and movie/game outfits.  These new outfits are all integrated into story progression, activities, and diversions. Beat Mr Sunshine? Unlock his outfit. Beat the General? Unlock his Limo. It all works and makes sense.

Another awesome new feature is post game gang control. In the original version of SR2, the gangs would disappear after beating their storyline, and you were stuck fighting only the police and FBI (along with the occasional pimp war.) Now in v1.7, each gang has a tiny little area left in control. The Samedi are stuck in the Trailer Park, the Brotherhood are living out of an old warehouse at the Docks, and the Ronin are sleeping on the beach dreaming of their former glory. The cool thing about this is that you can now go looking for trouble on the outskirts of the map with each gang. As soon as you get notoriety with them the fight can spill out into any other part of the map. An unexpected (and awesome) result of this is that gangs will now do occasional pushbacks into adjacent territories which really help to liven things up post game.

Check back every day this week before release, as I’ll be talking about some of the other new features coming in v1.7!

One Response to “Upcoming Gentlemen v1.7 Release”

  1. apnea says:

    This mod is the reason why SR2 is still installed on my computer. This next version sounds great !