Saints Row IV Trailer Analysis

Lots of interesting info and conjecture from xFL1PPYx:

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  1. It looks like an $80 expansion pack, except its not, its like DLC.

    - reskinned traffic lights and billboards
    - no day night
    - one new outfit for male/female protag
    - same shitty cars (bar the monster truck)
    - same ugly pedestrians
    - a few new weapons
    - saints flow you’ll probably get for a few set-piece missions
    - same alien spires reused
    - 2 different aliens cape/non cape
    - same shit tier grafix
    - a few new taunts
    - set-piece 1960′s presidency level twist spoiled with the giant star spangle striped mecha and protag still in the suit
    - also fucking steelport. Worst, most lifeless sandbox city ever.
    - it’s probably going to have saints row 3 micro-transactions

    How can anyone be hyped for this shit. I mean if I wanted to play saints row 3 again i’d fucking re-install it.

    Idolninja you’re the only reason I stuck with saints row but I really doubt even you can salvage this steaming pile of horse shit.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I think a lot of people are prematurely judging things based on a brief collection of short clips. All the ETD stuff that was shown is supposed to be a pretty minor part of the game. Also, don’t forget that there was a huge leap in quality and quantity from SR1 to SR2 once they were familiar with the engine. I think there’s a good chance we’ll see a revamped Steelport 2.0 that addresses a lot of the complaints. I hope so, anyway.

      • They’ve basically blended together cut content from saints row 3. Its disgusting they’re calling this saints row 4.

        • hexidimentional says:

          well considering that they only just got the ip under their belt, i’m not expecting too much new ip just yet, kudos for taking the old and making it look new for a teaser

          • IdolNinja says:

            Saints Row IV has been in production for 1.5 years with the EtD dlc being rolled into it. During all this time it’s been developed by Volition under THQ. Only the publisher has recently changed from THQ to Deep Silver, and Volition has remained the developer. It’s definitely not an issue with a new IP, but rather a rushed teaser to get the word out before the full reveal and live demo at PAX this weekend. I think we all should reserve judgement until then.

  2. ledude says:

    OR maybe Shaundi was cloned…

    scary, but that makes more sense.

  3. Despairaporia says:

    It’s always the same with people. They complain about things they don’t know much about now.
    The Third didn’t “cut” gameplay elements, they couldn’t re-implement them. The Third was a completely new game. It’s hard to bring old content to a completely new engine. Saints Row IV is the same the second game was to the first, an upgrade. Making it more Saints Row 2 like is pointless as it is as previously stated based on the Third which itself took the series in a new direction.
    We should all wait before we criticize the product until we have it at hand.

    • IdolNinja says:

      I have it on good authority that it was simply a lack of time, money, and manpower that resulted in the cut features in SRTT that existed in the previous games. It really wasn’t due to any engine limitations or that they couldn’t re-implement.

      • Despairaporia says:

        Ok :3

      • Despairaporia says:

        To be more exact that is what I meant. I probably should have clarified that better. Apologies on my part.

      • Jon says:

        But all the same it appears to be a lack of time, by definition money, and most certainly manpower that will plague this game too given the fall of THQ and the Aug 20 release date.

        I’m also skeptical to say that the ETD stuff is only a minor part of the game since they basically just pitched it as the whole plot.

        • IdolNinja says:

          Nobody “pitched” anything. You’re just pulling that out of thin air. In fact, there have been several statements from Volition to the contrary saying that the alien EtD stuff is only a small part of the full game. Plus, it was only a teaser trailer with a bunch of short 1-2 seconds clips and we didn’t get any real info to go on. PAX is this week and we’ll get actual details instead of theories.

          Also, SR1 -> SR2 was a 2 year dev cycle just like SRTT -> SR4 is. There was a huge leap in quality and quantity between the first two games despite them being on the same engine, in the same city, and looking visually similar.

          • DataSnake says:

            Yeah, I’m hoping this one is basically the SR2 to the previous one’s SR1. Also, hoping they bring back Fuzz and Septic Avenger.

  4. Sixty says:

    Given that Saint’s Row 2 is my favorite Sandbox crime game, I am hopeful 4 will show as much improvement over 3 as 2 did over 1.

  5. Ava says:

    I agree with Sixty. And IdolNinja. ETD was also halfly finished when they decided to take it into the next SR, so it could be the 1 second images shown in the teaser were really old. I mean, they hade some of the new mechanics like an improved Panda Skydive and some other super powers, but that was supposed to be in the DLC anyway, so those also could be old. And it was almost half a year ago if not more that SR: ETD was anounced to be a DLC, so that must have meant they already had a lot of the stuff ready at that point. Didn’t the new CEO of THQ decide to take ETD into the next SR?

    All I’m saying is, don’t go around and base all your thoughts about SR: IV on this short trailer and analysis. Wait and see what the end product will be. Besides, I am sure people from Volition are scouting fan sites and forums to see what fans say so they can perhaps improve some stuff they hadn’t thought about yet, like the day cycle? =P It’s not august yet, people. They can still do a lot of stuff to improve the game.