Saints Row IV Trailer!

It’s out and there is a lot of information to process, including the release date of August 23!

More details are rolling in from Polygon! The North America release date is August 20 and worldwide hits on August 23. They also report the following: “According to the official Facebook page for the title, the head of the Saints has been elected President of the United States, leading the charge against an alien force in a struggle to save humanity. Players will “wield gargantuan superpowers” and have an “arsenal of alien weaponry and technology” at their disposal, as well as the ability to leap buildings, outrun enemies and use telekinesis.”

Here is the above pic as a huge wallpaper.

5 Responses to “Saints Row IV Trailer!”

  1. Hahahaha says:

    You call THAT a huge wallpaper?

    Here is a TRULY large wallpaper, friend.

    Plus, a logo.

    You’re welcome.

  2. Joe England says:

    Well… it looks neat, I guess, and I’m sure I’ll buy it, but… I can’t say it doesn’t look like more of the same. It seems like just a fairly large add-on to The Third. I’m not really getting a real “sequel” vibe here.

    And I’m also a little disappointed that it doesn’t seem more sober than the last game. I was looking forward to something a little more down-to-Earth. Is Dex anywhere to be seen? Lots of storylines that need resolution.

    But hey, only time will tell. Maybe we’ll be able to import characters across sequels for once. It’d be neat to play the same avatars I worked so hard on in The Third. And maybe we’ll FINALLY get a height option! Well, fingers crossed.

  3. Jetz says:

    On one hand, leaping buildings and using telekinesis sounds pretty fucking awesome.

    On the other, it looks like they’re totally waving goodbye to any seriousness which I find disappointing because I liked my character’s personality the way it was in Saints Row 2 – definitely fun-loving and crazy, but capable of expressing anger and hatred (e.g. taking revenge on Maero through Jessica). I liked the Killbane ending to Saints Row 3 better because it worked well with the tone of the game, which felt like a party the whole way until tragedy struck.

    Additionally, I don’t like the idea of being president. Sounds like Fable 3 in that being in charge, I feel compelled to not be a total douchebag to everyone else.

  4. ledude says:

    looks like sr3 with triple the content. not what i was expecting but if that’s the case then i’m game. maybe two years in development was enough seeing as they haven’t focused on graphics and engine development, which worked just fine in sr3…

    idk it might suck or it might not, i’m worried about other things though. mainly, what will happen to the series if sr4 doesn’t sell well? i’m also hoping for a reboot of the series one day, so that hopefully Saints Row will become Saints Row again and leave all this alien-hentai-genki shit behind…