Low Gravity Cheat: No Fall Damage Save Fix

It was brought to my attention earlier that by activating the low gravity cheat, it will permanently take away your no fall damage bonus. This happens in plain vanilla non-modded, and still occurs even if the cheat is modded to non-flagging. I looked into the issue and did some comparing of save files and figured out why. The low gravity cheat for some reason inserts the following 2 characters into your save:

€>  (hex values 80 3E)

To fix the issue, just load your save in a hex editor (after backing it up of course) and replace the above two characters with blank spaces. i.e. hex 00 00.

Problem Save:

Corrected Save:

I’m going to return the low gravity cheat to a flagging save in the next release of Gentlemen of the Row, and also add a note to the readme so people are aware of the issue.  This should be a very quick and simple edit, but if anyone is uncomfortable using a hex editor and needs help, just send me an email with your save attached and I can take care of it for you. You can reach me at idolninja at my gmail.com address.

5 Responses to “Low Gravity Cheat: No Fall Damage Save Fix”

  1. [...] I also made a decision to start releasing a separate build of Gentlemen of the Row starting with v1.8 called “Gentlemen of the Row Open“. The open version will have everything unlocked right from the start and available for purchase. All weapons, vehicles, music, cribs, upgrades, outfits, etc will only cost $1. , so you can cause chaos to your heart’s content right after you break out of prison.  All cheats will also be non-flagging so you don’t have to worry about that stupid asterik, except for the low gravity cheat. Low Gravity will remain a flagging cheat as a warning that it will permanently screw up your save if you use it since it messes up your no fall damage unlock. [...]

  2. detroy says:

    where can i get the hex thing from

  3. Atradies says:

    I was unable to find line 309 to edit the numbers it goes 2db,306,331