Sandbox+ v1.0 Release

Sandbox+ is now officially out of alpha and is releasing with one of the most requested features of all time; Decker Specialist speed skating and animations! There are some other fun additions as well like new teleports including a fix for the Stilwater zone, and added drug/drunk effects like the audio tonal pitch shifting that gets progressively slower and weirder through each stage.

You can check out the full changelog and download the new version from our forum.

3 Responses to “Sandbox+ v1.0 Release”

  1. madatij says:

    How do I acess the nuke plant crib? It went from fully upgraded to deckers.

    • IdolNinja says:

      You probably either did one of the mission replays that sets the zone back, or toggled it back with Sandbox+. The following command will cycle through the different zones for the Nuke Plant:
      5 + HOME = Toggle Decker Nuke Plant and Saints Crib

      The readme has the full list of commands for all the other zones if anything else comes up.

  2. madatij says:

    Thanks. Now it works