Saints Row 4 on Steam!

We now have proof that Saints Row 4 will be released on PC and use Steam for DRM just like SRTT. The interesting thing is that there are actually two apps; one labeled as Saints Row IV and the other as Saints Row Episode 4.

It looks like the steamcommunity link for the app no longer works, but it was up and listed as Saints Row Episode 4 just moments ago. Google search still comes up, but unfortunately the page doesn’t look like it was cached.

6 Responses to “Saints Row 4 on Steam!”

  1. ledude says:

    i don’t know how reliable that is but it doesn’t matter.

    saints row 4 coming in august… that’s Deep S(hit)ilver for ya.

    • IdolNinja says:

      You do realize that the source is an ex-Volition employee who hasn’t been with them since SR1, right? I’d trust that rumor about as far as I can throw it.

      • ledude says:

        i don’t. but like i said it doesn’t matter, if sr4 comes earlier than 2014 i already know what to expect…

  2. flaxknuckles says:

    Lol, Volition would name it that. I guess we know what to expect now. Aliens and more aliens galore.

  3. GameKoen says:

    Yeah! I hope it has a story line like SR2 and the fun of SR3.