SRTT Save Editor 2.2

Corrodias’ has released a new version of his save editor that automatically fixes the homie cooldown bug, has character import/export, a new game+ button, and more!

v2.2 Changelog
· Added a Homies tab to edit which homies are unlocked. Also fixes the bug where a homie is permanently busy. Just load and save the file.
· Added an automatic fix for the SR3 bug that prevents co-op client saves from using Mission Replay. Just load and save the file.
· Added importing and exporting player appearance. Only includes body and clothes; does not include voice and taunts. This means you can finally have a sex mismatch in your voice, hooray.
· Added a New Game + button. This resets missions, activities, properties & stores, and cribs. It doesn’t reset upgrades, collectibles, money, respect, or garage vehicles. Use this at your own risk. This is a big feature, and i cannot test it completely myself. ALWAYS back up your saves before editing. As far as i can tell, upgraded weapons don’t break missions 2 and 3 like we thought they did, so maybe that has been fixed somehow, or maybe i didn’t test it right. Be aware that they might prevent you from breaking the plane window and from buying ammo in those missions.

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