Mission replay mod fixed

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like we might finally have a solution to the Mission Replay bug where some users would try to start a replay from their phone and nothing would happen at all. It turned out to be some odd flags set in the save file if theĀ  mission was done in coop rather than in single player.

Corrodias has released a test version of his save editor that should hopefully fix the issue. If you have this bug, all you need to do is simply load your save in this new build of the editor, then save it. No changes are necessary, and the fix happens automatically as part of the save process. I’ve personally tested it with my saves that had the issue and it worked like a charm. Feedback is still needed though, so please leave a comment here, or on the forum itself with your results.

Corrodias also has some other interesting save editor stuff he’s working on as well, like automatically fixing the grayed out homie issue where they aren’t available, player character export/import, and a new game+ feature that resets all the activities, gang ops, and other things.

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