“New” Saints Row: The Third clothing added

Volition has finally gotten around to enabling the SRTT extra customization items for All Saints Day. The new items are a Member of the Row T-shirt, Fleur De Lys Saints Hoodie, 3rd Street Hoodie, Free Throw Jersey, and Antenna.

This isn’t anything special for users of the PC version since we’ve had access to them via mods right after launch. Still, it’s a nice gesture for the console users.

3 Responses to ““New” Saints Row: The Third clothing added”

  1. Outlaw says:

    More than Rockstar give anyway. Fucktards.

    Ty Volishun <3

  2. Outlaw says:

    Now that I think of it, would be cool if they updated the car customization as well, to enable the unique / hidden rims.

    • IdolNinja says:

      Which rims specifically would those be? Turk was able to add quite a few customization items in by hex editing vehicles’ .cvtf files. Maybe he could take a look for those rims too?