Unlockable Pack DLC released

Available for purchase on Steam. Pretty useless piece of trash DLC though if you ask me.

22 Responses to “Unlockable Pack DLC released”

  1. DespairAporia says:

    A horrible excuse to make us give them more money.

    I mean seriously? Most of the unlockables are only bonuses to money or respect and most of the vehicle and weapon choices already have several other substitutions. (Not to mention that some can even be cheated)

  2. mahalo125 says:

    It unlocks all mission choices, how is that useless?

  3. Chris says:

    Pretty scummy of them imo…

  4. BlueKunai says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t GOS allow you to get all the rewards via mission replay anyway?

  5. Outlaw says:

    Hah, I knew it.

    I guess that means you’re gonna remove the save editor? Good thing I saved it on a disk…

  6. Derrick says:

    I can see how this is a ripoff for PC players since you can pretty much install a mod that unlocks all of those things for you. For console players however, this is the only way to get both rewards wherever there is a “choice” involved (even with glitches and exploits you can’t get everything) such as:

    * The Apocafists and Killbane’s mask
    * Mayor Reynolds/Mayor’s Favor/SWAY AND Zombie Horde
    * 3/3 of the STAG Tech from “My Name is Cyrus” instead of 2/3
    * Josh Birk/NyteBlayde AND A City Takeover
    * Bonus “Standard” VTOL and a bunch of other rewards unlocked silently. Complete list here:


    If you have already finished the game and are starting a brand new game, then you get a crap ton of content unlocked right from the beginning. Granted I’d rather earn all of the rewards and have a “New Game +” option, but since it does not exist in SRTT this is the next closest thing. If you look at it simply through the “best starting gear” perspective, this pack gives you the most unlocks for the least amount of money!

    • mahalo125 says:

      “a ripoff for PC players since you can pretty much install a mod that unlocks all of those things for you.”

      It is possible to mod in the game in order to unlock ALL DLCs – by your logic all DLCs are ripoffs, and we should just mod the game instead of paying for anything.

      Yes, on-disc DLC is withholding content for extra payment, but this DLC is no different than the other 12 on-disc DLC.

  7. Jon says:

    I have less and less faith in Volition with each passing day. This makes me sad.
    Well, at least they canceled inSane. Now they can work on projects people care about.

  8. Outlaw says:

    *cough* Nobody is forcing you to buy it. *cought* What if some people actually want this stuff?

  9. Machine says:

    Outlaw> This is the most overused argument of all the internet…
    Do you hear anybody here saying they’re gonna buy this crap?
    No, so what’s your point? Nobody have rights to complain about something plain stupid and better shut up and not buying?

  10. Outlaw says:

    Umm… yes?

    People have to right to sell whatever they want except slaves… in most countries…

    Deal with it.

    • scanti says:

      Fair enough people do have the right to sell whatever they want within reason. That means that there is a wide range of quality of goods available. If a person is selling an inferior product don’t you think we have a social responsibility to warn others?

      In other words people have the right to sell what they want but we have the right to criticize them for it. You can’t have one without the other.

  11. Deviancy says:

    Um.. no..

    People do not have the right sell whatever they want except slaves in most countries. Kiddie porn, animal porn, automatic machine guns, children, tobacco to minors, alcohol to minors, bootleg merchandise, snuff films, illegal drugs, sex, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

    However, THQ does have every right to sell game content they make for their games.

    For now..

    They may end up swirling the drain and if they do, they’ll find it’s kind of hard to sell dlc when they’re no longer in business.

    Oh and one thing many people do have in most countries is the freedom of speech, so if people hate SR3 or the DLC, they have every right to express their dislike, just as you have every right to express whatever opinion you have of the game or the dlc.

    • Kiriai says:

      At least in the USA, “Freedom of Speech” only grants you to the right to speak freely against your government without fear of reprisal or reprimand by the government, any official, or affiliate. A privately or publicly owned company such as THQ is within their rights, assuming they could figure out who you were, and regardless of any freedom of speech you believe you have, deny you access to their products and/or services based on the defamatory public remarks you made.

      Just an FYI.

      • IdolNinja says:

        That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever read.

        • But it's true. says:

          It’s true, read the constitution some time.

          Freedom of Speech only applies in relation to the government.

          “The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.”

          The government is not allowed to censor you. It doesn’t apply to private entities such as people or corporations.

          For example, you’re allowed to censor this comment, and allowed to block me from ever commenting again. THQ has the same right.


          FYI: I’m not from the USA.

          • IdolNinja says:

            That is quite different from your assumption in the last comment that THQ can deny someone the right to buy their game because of negative criticism.

          • But it's true. says:

            No-one has a “right” to buy the game. The shoe is on the other foot: businesses have the right to deny you service.

            There is no law against THQ taking action to prevent someone from buying or playing the game. Xbox Live denies people service all the time, I just did a quick google search and found out that Steam can also lock accounts.

            The key phrase is “assuming they could figure out who you were”. It’s easy for Xbox Live and Steam. Just because it’s harder for THQ doesn’t mean that they don’t also have the right to do it.

          • IdolNinja says:

            For negative criticism? Really? You live in a fantasy world that is completely divorced from reality.

  12. Outlaw says:

    Fair enough, but there’s a difference between criticizing and bitching about it :P

    I could also add something about hypocrisy but I’ll leave it alone…