Sandbox+ .49 alpha released!

The new .49 alpha build revamps the on-foot radio with auto advance, shuffling, and custom playlists!

8 Responses to “Sandbox+ .49 alpha released!”

  1. Erewon says:

    I’ve got a sound issue with this Sandbox+. Indeed, if I choose to repare a vehicle for example (F+Insert), a major part of the sounds that should be played just disappear, like the ambiance sound, some of the car sounds, some of the guns sounds and so on… Only the voices are still played. But it happened that the game has become completely mute. It seems that if I teleport in a random place, the sounds come back.

    The first time this issue occured, was when I activated the on-foot radio (Adult Swim) during the “STAG Film” mission (with Sandbox+ .48, the first version I’ve ever tested). A music for the mission was playing when I did this. Then, gun sounds completely disappeared and a lot of other sounds too, except the voices of the NPCs and of my character.

    To fix it, I only need to uninstall the Sandbox+ Mod, or I must not use the other functions but the teleport one.

    This is the only issue that I’ve met for now, otherwise your work is perfect ! ;)

    Hope you’ll find something :)

    (Sorry for my bad english)