Sandbox+ for SRTT .47 alpha released!

Sandbox+ .47 alpha now has commands to listen to mission music on foot and in the open world, along with new alternate times of day from gl2gz1 including the one from the pics in the last update!

5 Responses to “Sandbox+ for SRTT .47 alpha released!”

  1. gangstra13 says:

    any updates on GoS ?

    • IdolNinja says:

      You means besides the fact that I needed a break from it and am working on Sandbox+ for a bit?

      • gangstra13 says:

        SRRY didnt know that you needed a break from it SRRy ones again :S
        (but yes that was what I mean)

        • IdolNinja says:

          Just a small break. :)

          The other thing was that I was sitting on this Sandbox+ project for months and turk wasn’t even much around anymore. I just wanted to get it out there into player’s hands since it was so darn cool.

          • gangstra13 says:

            Okay i understand but i must say that youre doing a very good job on both mods
            In the way of supporting youre mods i had a problem and you fixed it really
            Btw looking forward too next builds of both mods :)