Steam updates and Sandbox+

Steam updated with Saints Row: The Third Franchise Pack that includes all the dlc (except the Genki Girls pack.) It’s likely going to go live as a special deal for the upcoming summer sale.

Also, Sandbox+ for SRTT and Sandbox+ for SR2 have both been updated with new features and fixes:

Sandbox + for SRTT .042 alpha changelog

* Added 3 new teleports
X + LBRACKET = Teleport to Professor Genki SERC
X + RBRACKET = Teleport to Apocalypse Genki
X + SEMICOLON = Teleport to deckers.die tank battle arena – Thanks for the coords, Pinnhead!

* Added Time of Day cycle command
R + HOME = Cycle through times of day (sunrise, noon, sunset, night)

* Added explosion attach cycle command
R + PGUP = Cycle through attaching explosions to character (WIP only the first one is useful. the others are annoying with the camera shake)

* Added new notoriety commands
CTRL + LBRACKET = Toggle lock notoriety at zero (forces no notoriety)
CTRL + RBRACKET = Toggle maxed notoriety for all gangs/poice, and reset all notoriety to 0

* Added zone swap for Saints HQ
G + PGDOWN = Cycles Saints HQ states (Morningstar, damanged in STAG attack, Saints colors undamaged)

* Cutscenes now return player to Saints HQ after playing

* More reorganizing of commands


Sanbox+ for SR2 alpha .03 changelog

Adds 7 special commands:
311 – Repair current vehicle
313 – Samedi Notoriety +1 (cycles back to 0 after 5)
314 – Ronin Notoriety +1
315 – Brotherhood Notoriety +1
316 – Police Notoriety +1
317 – Toggle Max all notoriety, and eliminate all notoriety
318 – Lock Notoriety at zero (forced no notoriety)

2 Responses to “Steam updates and Sandbox+”

  1. Nicholas Corgan says:

    Apocalypse Genki comes from the Genkibowl DLC, right?

    How do you deal with people who haven’t bought it?

    • IdolNinja says:

      People who haven’t bought the DLC can still get there via a glitch. Having a teleport just makes it easier for everyone. They still can’t actually play the activity itself no matter what they do, Sandbox+ or not.