Gentlemen of Steelport v1.0 Beta 3

Here’s a quickie GoS update for the new official patch that adds a build option to restore the original pre-Enter the Dominatrix billboards. Beta 3 also has a few other minor updates and fixes that I had already integrated before development started on the gui version. As always, you can grab the latest release from the Downloads page.


Beta 3 Changelog

Original Billboards by IdolNinja
Added installer option in the Misc menu to revert back to the original billboards and LCD displays that were changed to the “Enter Dominatrix” expansion ads with the patch 5 update

Mission Replay v8 UPDATE by IdolNinja

* Added Trouble with Clones replays
* Fixed deckers.die mission so that the radio doesn’t come on when driving the tank in the overhead combat section
* Fixed the Zimos cutscene replay with the correct title; Painting a Picture
* Moved 3 Count Beatdown replay below Remote chance replay to fix story order
* Added option in the MISC menu to remove forced wardrobe changes for all replays

Extended Customization v1.2 UPDATE by mrturkleton

* Taxi Decals have been enabled for editing
* Police Car decals have been enabled for editing
* Every n-forcer varient now colorable

Tutorial Disable Mod v3 UPDATE by IdolNinja

Fixes all remaining tutorial issues with garage prompts and activities like Escort. Removed warnings from installer and known issues.

Tank Radios and Disable Notoriety UPDATE v3 by IdolNinja

Fixes an issue with the Crusader notoriety that got missed in v2

Updated Alt Homies mod with Viola Bloody Cannoness outfit

Fixed an issue with the super fast cars and vtols mod also screwing up the camera for the belgian problem mission. The Death Orb mod and the super fast mod are now mutually exclusive and toggle the other off when selected.

10 Responses to “Gentlemen of Steelport v1.0 Beta 3”

  1. masayumemasa says:

    OMG! You made my day!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!

  2. HopelEss says:

    Hey Dude ,, I have a problem ,, i install the mod after i install , i play the game nothing changed :’( can you help me ??

    • IdolNinja says:

      Sounds like you didn’t move the files to the right location after building. All of the instructions and locations are in the readme.

  3. Professor Genki says:


    • IdolNinja says:

      @Professor Genki
      I really have no idea what you’re trying to ask. Also, please stop with the all caps. It’s extremely rude/ignorant.

  4. JohnShepard says:

    Is it possible to modify your character to use NPC meshes as outfits? Like SWAT or Decker Cyber Suits (as in the ones from Decker.die) the robotic looking ones.