GotR v1.8 BETA 6 Progress

v1.8 Beta 6 is shaping up for release. Here’s some of the new features and fixes you can expect.

Collars have been fixed and no longer disappear when wearing a suit jacket. Every modder posted input to help get this issue fixed, and it was great to see everyone come together to help.

Firespite is also working on fixing the VIDs for all long sleeve shirts and jackets so that long gloves will no longer clip through.

foamcup released his GotR Super Customs v1.0 which features a souped up red Kaneda that he named the ZRT Special. This thing is a total speed monster death trap, and I love it.

Kahalee updated the Driveup Homie mod so that npcs now drive the correct car variants when you call them. Pierce drives his Mag, Shaundi drives her Topher, Tobias drives his Voyager, and Legal Lee drives his Zircon.

I fixed the weapon spawns for Zombie Uprising so they spawn in the center of the Autoshow circles instead of the edges. The spawns are also slightly elevated which looks better. This should also the fix the issue where guns would occasionally spawn 10ft off the ground. In addition, Firespite chose new npcs for Zombie Uprising v1.8 as well. These new guys should be a lot of fun to play coop.

I had to say a tearful goodbye today to Tchoupa Twist since I promised Mordrack that v1.8 would have Coconuts for the pause music instead. Goodbye old friend. I do love Coconuts too though, so it’s all good.

I went location scouting with Kalahee yesterday and we found some great locations for the remaining stores for his SparRow mod. The public release of v1.8 is really waiting on the completion of this mod, and the plane/heli/boat mechanic mod which still needs the heli mechanic implemented, as well as fixing some of the buggy plane and boat options.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff in the works too like extra cribs, teleporters and doors to previously inaccessible areas, an island filled with npc clones that you can recruit as homies, and a lot more that I’ll be looking at while RedRage and Kalahee finish up their mods.

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