Steelport Gangs Pack DLC Next

The Steam database was just updated with the Steelport Gangs Pack DLC. This coincides with statements made by Volition on their forum that a new DLC would be releasing on 5/1. You can check out actual pics of the gang outfits in a previous post.

In other news, rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am very much alive and still working on the next GoS. It’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated since I’m also creating a gui frontend. As previously mentioned, I’m also doing a complete rewrite of how it builds the mods. I think it will be worth the wait since it will give the player much more flexibility in what options they want to use.

9 Responses to “Steelport Gangs Pack DLC Next”

  1. WoogieMonster says:

    So you’re saying you were NOT abducted by purple alien chicks to be the subject of various zero-gravity testicular endurance experiments? Bummer.

  2. Machine says:


    Keep up the good work man, your mods are really appreciated.

  3. Undead Marston says:

    That is just great! I have been looking foward to this one! Having said that, it is very possible that this will be the last Downloadable Content I am going to buy for Saints Row: The Third. The Penthouse Pets Pack? Really not interested.

  4. Cazzonero says:

    I will get this dlc, and after seeing the penthouse girl in steelport i will definately buy that too, hoping that encogen will include the pets in his gpo mod: there will be pets everywhere in my game, hell!

    • IdolNinja says:

      I’ll be picking up the new steelport gangs pack as well. I’m probably going to give that pets one a pass though. I just can’t see the point of having yet another gang customization option of crappy in-game models of porn stars.

  5. WoogieMonster says:

    You can already get a random “pet” by base-jumping off a high building and hitting the target. They look absolutely horrid and they talk almost nonstop, nearly all of which is shit-talking directed at you. Seriously, WTF is that about? IRL any gang leader would shoot them in the throat after about two minutes: no way hell I’d pay money for that.

    But of course, thousands of dudes will simply see the words “porn stars” and immediately click the buy button, so the devs will again be rewarded for shoveling shit and continue doing it in the future.

  6. BadMadScientist says:

    GoS GUI Frontend sounds awesome. Are you maybe planning to release some screenshots of it to keep the hype even more up? :)

    Gang operations – yes! I fear how much is PP DLC going to cost though. Price will have to cover one more license and DLCs feel overpriced even now.

  7. nemisis116 says:

    I was looking forward to the return of Jason Voorhees
    Might pick this pack up for the hell of it, the lucha specialist suit looks pretty cool

  8. Blamo says:

    Right on the money idol! Been wanting some of these outfits since launch, so definitely getting this. Wish it was a buck cheaper for what it is, but oh well.