Mission Replay Update

Released an updated version 8 of mission replay that includes the following additions and fixes:

* Added Trouble with Clones replays
* Fixed deckers.die mission so that the radio doesn’t come on when driving the tank in the overhead combat section
* Fixed the Zimos cutscene replay with the correct title; Painting a Picture
* Moved 3 Count Beatdown replay below Remote chance replay to fix story order
* Added alt version that removes forced wardrobe changes for all replays

I’m also working on integrating my new updates and a bunch of other community fixes and mods into the next release of Gentlemen of Steelport which should be out soon.

7 Responses to “Mission Replay Update”

  1. masayumemasa says:

    Sweet!!!Can’t wait for it!!!

  2. grimbergen_beer says:

    That’s great. I am waiting to play the two last DLC until some more mods are out and spend a lot lot lot of time again in the game.

  3. magnetius says:

    hey i have problem i looking the forums and everywhere for fix this…

    when i install replay M mod and start the game i hit the Tab and screen goes freeze nothing happen…cell phone not appear…

    i use the game with resolution 640.480 set to low graphic and in windows

    how can i fix this…thanks for this mod

    • IdolNinja says:

      First of all, are you using the Steam version of the game?

      • magnetius says:

        thanks for answer…:)
        No im not using steam version

        • IdolNinja says:

          Scripting mods like mission replay will never work with anything but the Steam version of SRTT. If you don’t own it on Steam then you have an illegal pirated version, as confirmed directly by Volition. In addition to mods not working correctly, you will not receive any further help since we do not support pirates.

  4. magnetius says: