Tutorial Disable v3 and other stuff

Found a handy little function that disables all tutorial popups and updated the mod to version 3. This has fixed all known issues like the missing garage and Escort activity prompts.

I’ve also been busy working on a special project with turk that will give the players tons of awesome features they can toggle in realtime, very similar to GTAIV’s simple trainer. More news on that soon.

5 Responses to “Tutorial Disable v3 and other stuff”

  1. Aporia says:

    Amazing idea, this “special project”! Do you mind telling us about possible features?

    • IdolNinja says:

      Swapping zones, teleport to different places like cribs or your partners location, raise bridges up and down, turn arapice zombies on and off, attach ambient radio stations to your character that follow you around so you can listen to music on foot, drug effects including staggering and 40oz props, cutscene replay, and toggling super powers on and off. All of it happens in realtime in-game with keyboard shortcuts similar to the GTAIV simple trainer.

  2. Cazzonero says:

    Jesus! I can’t wait to see your special project!